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Year 5 Class 2

Joy of Reading 2019

Joy of Reading 2019 1
Joy of Reading 2019 2
Diwali 2019
Year 5 enjoyed a Diwali workshop with our R.E link Governor, Mrs Chandaria. We heard the story of Rama and Sita and then we made rangoli and mandala designs. We also got the opportunity to make glittery diva lamps.

Diwali 2019

Diwali 2019 1
Diwali 2019 2
Diwali 2019 3
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Diwali 2019 5
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Mini Marines Workshop Experience

Mini Marines Workshop Experience 1 The children described their experience in 1 word

Autumn 2019 Newsletter

Blue Planet Live 2019

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BBC teamed up with Blue Planet Live and offered a chance for schools across the country to take part in a Live Learning Lesson. Presented by CBBC's Naomi Wilkinson, this interactive programme for 7-11 year olds looked at the importance of the Earth's rich marine life. Guided by expert wildlife biologist Lizzie Daly, we explored what constitutes a healthy ecosystem and discuss the threats to our oceans such as plastics and overfishing.
We heard from Steve Backshall live from the Bahamas as he demonstrated what sharks can teach us about ecosystems, how human behavior can threaten shark life, and how the UK is connected with animals across the world.
Linked to the Key Stage 2 science and geography curricula, the lesson celebrated schools across the UK that have positively benefited the environment at home and abroad.
Years 3, 4 and 5 were fortunate enough to be able to take part in this experience and even had our schools name broadcast on air, written at the bottom of the screen – much to the cheers of our children as they spotted it. It was a fun and interactive opportunity for our children to take part in this interactive lesson and a lot was learned on how simple actions can have a big knock on effect to our world and ecosystems.

Joy of Reading 2018

Joy of Reading 2018 1
Joy of Reading 2018 2
Today we went to the University of Hertfordshire to listen to author and poet A F Harrold.  He was great entertainment and read us his poems including a very funny one about cornflakes.  Never again will Year 5 think of them in the same way!

Learning about negative numbers in Mathematics


Using games is a great way to learn maths. Year 5 enjoyed trying get their counter to the end of a number line first.

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Reach for the Stars Week

Reach for the Stars Week 1
Reach for the Stars Week 2
Reach for the Stars Week 3
Reach for the Stars Week 4
Reach for the Stars Week 5
Reach for the Stars Week 6

Autumn 2018 Newsletter UPDATED