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Howe Dell Primary School


History Subject Intent

At Howe Dell we teach History following the ‘CUSP curriculum’. The History teaching is progressive and sequential inspiring children to reflect on previous knowledge to support their new learning. For example in Early Years, children are taught about the similarities and differences between the past and now. This is then used as the foundations of historical teaching, moving into Year 1 - changes within living memory and Year 2 – Events beyond living memory etc. 

The sequence of history is taught based on cumulative knowledge, chronology, change through cause and consequence. Children are supported in making connections within and throughout periods of time. The cumulative style of the curriculum is implemented to support access to the long term memory through retrieval and spaced retrieval practice, world building and deliberate practice tasks. The impact of teaching through this model supports opportunities for children to associate and connect with periods of time, people, places and events.

History Progression of Skills

History at Howe Dell supported by CUSP resources

History Online Learning Links

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