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Howe Dell Primary School




It is essential to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to become fluent, confident and skilled readers who are able to understand and make sense of the world in which they live, through the knowledge they gain through texts. Through exposing children to a rich and varied literature spine, we enable them to develop a love of reading, a good knowledge of literature and to understand how reading can open their minds to life-long learning.




At Howe Dell in Key Stage 1 and 2, we teach Reading using ‘Curriculum by Unity Partnership’ (CUSP) resources. CUSP Reading is cohesive and well sequenced, rich in vocabulary and knowledge and encourages pupils to explore and respond to moral, ethical and social questions. It is designed to be highly aspirational and ambitious, supporting pupils to become confident and skilled readers, equipping them with the knowledge and skills required for future success. Built upon the latest research around reading fluency, explicit vocabulary instruction, modelling and key comprehension strategies, it is a synthesis of excellence evidence-informed practice distilled into consistent and carefully planned practice. Pupils enjoy an in-depth study of carefully selected texts from a literature spine, designed to expose pupils to a breadth of authors, texts, genres and themes. This is combined with the study of bespoke written extracts, aimed at creating breadth of experiences and building conceptual fluency.


Organisation of reading books


EYFS-Y2 Little Wandle phonic matching books, phase 2 to phase 5


Reading scheme books are used to support pupils transitioning from phase 5 into reading books with increased content and complexity. Colour book bands are used to support with this. When children are fluent in reading they are encouraged to ‘genre reading’. Free choice of genres with teacher direction to ensure a range of genres are read. 



Reading for Pleasure:


At Howe Dell, we recognise that the teaching of reading goes well-beyond what is taught in our whole class reading lessons. We aim for a love of reading and literature to be at the very heart of our ethos and culture and are working hard to achieve this. Some examples of how we are developing a reading culture at our school include:

·     Enhancing our communal reading spaces to make high-quality literature and comfortable reading environments accessible to all

  • Outside reading area - to encourage reading beyond the classroom.
  • Community reading - community library housed in the main entrance for children and adults

·    Daily dedicated time to enjoy diverse literature being read aloud

·   Children in EYFS and KS1 choose a weekly ‘sharing book’ to read together with their families at home

  • Every child in school has access to a library book of their choice

·   Well-chosen, high quality texts provided in classrooms for pupils to access (taken from the CUSP reading spine) investment in actual books rather than copied sections.

  • Using literature linked texts to the CUSP wider curriculum subjects


Outcomes: As a result of the high expectations of the reading curriculum, our pupils are encouraged to be life-long readers.

Progression of Skills

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