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Miss Hymas

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Mrs. Rouse

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Nursery Newsletter September 2019

Nursery Newsletter January 2019

Bird week.16-20 November

This week we have been learning about birds. We read owl babies, made fat balls for them to eat from the sunflowers that grew in the allotments. We also made binoculars and on Friday we went over to the eco bus to look out for birds.

Celebrating Diwali November 2020

This week we have been learning about Diwali and having fun. We tried naan bread and poppadoms ,danced to Indian music, made rangoli patterns with coloured rice,made clay Diva pots and had our hands painted in a mehndi designs.

Nursery Celebrating Poppy Day

Showing our friends how to zip our coats up.

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Showing our friend how to put their coats on.

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Enjoying Cosmic Yoga

Morning Nursery - Looking at the new Dragon bench.

Afternoon Nursery - Looking at the new Dragon bench.

Autumn Walk - Looking at the different colour leaves. Morning children

Afternoon children

We found a feather and a birds nest on our Autumn walk this afternoon

World Book Day - We dressed up as Mythical Creatures.

Potato growing and tasting 

This week we have been learning about vegetables.We went to our allotment and dug some up that had been growing under the ground and then we cleaned them,chopped them up and ate them as potato wedges.

Morning Nursery

Afternoon Nursery

Pancake day 25th February

Today is pancake day and we all helped to make the pancakes and then got to try them with lemon and sugar,Yummy!

Morning Nursery

Afternoon Nursery

Insy Winsy spider

This week we have been learning Insy Winsy spider .We have made spiders for our web and we even handled real spiders!

Frosty winter walk 6th Feb

Today the morning children went out to explore all the frost it was very pretty

Afternoon bird spotting walk

Play,Learn&Grow Together - 5th February 2020 - Children's Well being Week

31st January

Chinese new year

To celebrate Chinese new year this week we have been trying Chinese noodles in class.

PM Nursery

AM Nursery

Play,Learn&Grow Together - 27th January 2020 - Chinese New Year

Play,Learn&Grow Together 20th January 2020 - Sugar Box Talk

Play,Learn&Grown Together 15th January 2020 - Welly Printing

20th December - Christmas Jumper Day

19th December 2019 - Christmas Party

18th December 2019 - Surprise visit from Santa!

Stay,Play & Learn together - 11th December 2019 - Christmas cooking

Play,Learn & Grow together - 4th December 2019 - Christmas

Christmas Play - Nursery Angels

Play, Learn & Grow Together - 28th November 2019 - Exploring textures using different materials

Play,Learn & Grow Together - 20th November 2019 - our first session

13th November Learning journal sharing

Today we invited Parents and carers in to look at their child's learning journey.


Morning Nursery
Afternoon Nursery

Apple crumble 8th November

Morning Nursery

Today we used our apples to make some apple crumble.We all had a go at making the crumble, which we all tried for snack.

Afternoon Nursery

Autumn walk on 7th November

Today we went on an Autumn walk,we looked at signs of Autumn in our playground and collected leaves that have fallen.We also picked apples from our apple trees which we will use to make apple crumble tomorrow.


Morning Nursery

Afternoon nursery

Afternoon Nursery visit the fire pit (3rd October 2019)

We found the teddy bears having a picnic!

Morning Nursery fire pit picnic (3rd October 2019)

Today we went on an adventure,we went to kingfisher island and sat round a fire pit to eat our teddy bears picnic.

PM Nursery global explorer bears


PM Nursery teddy bear hunt

The afternoon children used their binoculars they made to find the teddies in the woods today.

Global Explorer bears AM Nursery

As part of global explorer week we could bring in teddy bears and dress them up as explorers today.

Am Nursery teddy bear hunt.

Today we used our binoculars we had made to look for teddies in our woods.

PM Nursery hobbit house visit

AM Nursery - We visited the Hobbit House for a story.

Stay and play Wednesday group 10th July

Today we played games and had to wait our turn we also had fresh peas out of the pods for snack and read a book about trying new foods.

Stay and play Wednesday the 3rd July

Today in group we took part in messy play, made our own reward jars to take home and had frozen yogurt for our snack, yummy.

Stay and Play Wednesday 26th June

The big bus adventure

Today we all went out to explore the Eco Bus.We held our grown ups hand as we walked over, got our tickets and got on board.We then listened to a story about vehicles and talked about wearing seat belts and helmets to stay safe.

Then we went up stairs to have our snack and sang songs before we left.

Stay and Play Wednesday the 19th June

Today in group we made things out of K Nex and we read the hungry caterpillar and ate lots of different fruits at snack time like the caterpillar.

Stay and play Wednesday 12th June 2019

Today in group we made Father's day cards and we read a book about Dad's.

Stay and Play Wednesday group 5/6/2019

This week we celebrated Bookstart library book day (pyjamarama) by wearing our pyjamas to group.We designed our own pyjamas and got under the paracute for our story.For snack we made our own special sandwiches using cutters.

Stay and play Wednesday group 22/5/19

The great bug hunt

Today we all went out for a mini beast hunt outside in our lovely garden.For snack we tried honey from the bees and french pancakes Yummy!