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On this page you will find pictures and information about what we have been learning each week. You will also find valuable resources to read and prepare your child for school.

Nursery Class Teacher

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A big hello from your new Nursery Class teacher Mrs Wilkie

Autumn 1 – All about me


During our first half term we have been working on our topic ‘All about me’. We have really enjoyed getting to know the other children within our class and sharing information about our families and our important people.


We have focussed on the basic routines of the day and beginning to understand how to be a good classmate. We discussed who we have at school and their roles to ensure that we are all safe within school.


We have enjoyed reading a wide range of well-known children’s stories such as ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘Hungry Caterpillar’. We also looked at the stories ‘ I am absolutely too small for school’ and ‘Beegu’ which helped us further appreciate how people may feel when going through the big change of starting school and how to be a good/supportive friend.


We have been learning a different sign each week to support our communication and language skills as well as building a diverse and inclusive environment for all.


As part of our daily routine we have been counting how many children are within the class each day. This supports our counting 1:1 correspondence. We are then using this to help us understand that there is a numeral that correlates to the amount.


Each child has a Tapestry account where you will be able to see a range pictures of their learning and comments from the classroom staff.

Nursery experience of lockdown learning Mach 2021

Week Beginning 12.07.2021

This week we have been participating in Cultural Capital Week.

We enjoyed watching the comedian James Campbell, continuing our passion for outdoor learning, singing and dancing in the classroom and watching the school before in our Howe Dell Festival.

Such a fantastic way to finish our time in Nursery


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Week beginning 21.06.21 and 28.06.21

We are exploring PIRATES – AHOY!

We enjoyed reading the story ‘Pirates love underpants’. We created our own repeating patterns and decorated underpants within class.

Within our creative aspect of learning we attempted to make our own pirate hats and pirate ships. We used a range of materials and stuck these together to make a final product. These were then proudly displayed in class.

We are getting Reception ready by practising writing and recognising numbers and letters. We also rehearsed our subitizing skills – recognizing an amount without counting 1:1.

Finally, within phonics we focussed on the sounds ‘a’ and ‘t’ see if your child find any on signs in supermarkets or road signs on the way home.

If you need any support with getting ready for school please speak to us at the door.

Week beginning 07.06.21

I hope you all had a lovely sunny and restful half term break.

We have had a very busy week within Nursery!


We started our week by celebrating 'World Ocean Day'. We looked at different animals that are in the ocean and discussed why it is important to look after our oceans. We used different medias to decorate our own fish and star fish.


We also, had 'Wonderful World of Science' day. For this we looked at planes and found out the history about some planes that had been made in the local area. We used different sized and shaped paper to make our own paper airplanes. We then predicted which we thought would go furthest and why. After that, we went outside and tested our theories. Finally we enjoyed exploring our new role play area - the plane

Week beginning 24.05.21

We began our week by celebrating ‘diversity day’. We enjoyed learning about different cultures and understanding how everyone is individual but should be treated equally. We answered the register attempting to say hello in different languages.

This week is our last week learning about what happens outside. We finished our topic with the story ‘aaarghh spider’. We learnt all about spiders and things they like to do and eat.

Such a brilliant half term with lots of great learning. Have a lovely week off school and see you on 07.05.21

Week beginning 17.05.21

We read the story ‘superworm’ as part of our topic and continuing to learn all about different types of minibeasts. We enjoyed digging outside in our allotment area and found some wiggly worms. We bought the worms inside as part of the ‘worm world’ and watched as the wiggled and jiggled around the tank and through the mud.

We practised the rhyme ‘ There’s a worm at the end of my garden’. Can you remember what the worms name is?

Week beginning 10.05.21

We read the story ‘tiny seed’ this week as part of our topic. We spoke about all that plants need in order to grow. We went outside and began preparing our own allotment area ready for us to plant our very own tiny seeds soon.

We enjoyed our investigate an explore area that was themed as a farm. We looked at different animals on the farm and making a variety of different marks in the soil using rollers and stamps.

Week beginning 03.05.21

As part of or topic ‘What’s happening outside’, this week we read the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’. We have looked at a variety of different vegetables and discussed if we had tried them before. We thought about our senses to describe the different vegetables. We then had a go at planting our own vegetables and will be observing throughout the rest of this term to see what happens.

Week beginning 26.4.21

This week have been reading ‘Snail and the Whale’ by Julia Donaldson. We really enjoyed looking at the travels that they went on. We were very lucky this week because we had 2 very special visitors in our class – Albino and Shadow! We enjoyed watching them, feeding them and learning all about them.


During PE we took the parachute outside! We enjoyed putting in all our washing and throwing it up into the air. We used our gross motor skills to lift the parachute up and down and our listening skills to hear what we were supposed to do when. We made our butterfly fly very high in the sky.

Week beginning 19.4.21

As part of our Summer 1 topic our story of the week is ‘The hungry caterpillar’. We revised our learning from last week about what a title and author is and enjoyed learning that Eric Carle had written both books!

We have some baby Caterpillars in Nursery and used magnifying glasses to look closely at them, their bodies and how they move. Some of us even had a go at drawing a caterpillar.

Week beginning 12.04.21

I hope you all had a lovely sunny and restful Easter break.


This week in school we are starting our new topic ‘What’s happening outside’. We have opened our garden centre role play area and even had a visit from some crickets! We enjoyed listening to them and hearing the sounds that they make. Some of us were even brave enough to hold one, not for too long though as they bounced straight out!

We have enjoyed reading the story of the week ‘The bad tempered ladybird’ and took turns role playing different parts of the story. We talked about what the Title was and who the Author is.

Week Beginning 22.03.2021


This week we are finishing our topic on Traditional Tales. Our Nursery class loved the story of 'The Gingerbread Man' so we looked at this story together.

Ask your child can they remember the phrase that the Gingerbread Man says to everyone chasing him?

We decided to build bridges from construction and creative resources to help the Gingerbread Man cross the river and prevent him from being eaten by the fox!


As we come to the end of the Spring Term we finished our week by going on a Signs of Spring walk around the school grounds. We also created/decorated our own Easter bonnets to participate in the whole school Easter Bonnet parade.


We have had such a fab term - Have a restful and safe break! See you after the holidays :) 

Week Beginning 15.03.2021


This week we began to look at the topic of Spring!


The children had noticed some changes that had been happening outside our classroom and on their way into school. We discussed that during Spring time there is new life. We began to talk about the names of baby animals such as 'lamb' is a baby 'sheep'. Challenge your child, can they remember the name for a baby cow?

Week beginning 08.03.2021


A very warm welcome back! I am very much looking forward to meeting you all this week. 

This weeks topic is MAGIC! We are going to joining in with the school as part of Science Week and will be looking at the magic of Science.

We will be posting what your children are up to in school on their Tapestry account. Look on there to find out more!



Week Beginning 01.03.2021

This week we are beginning our topic on Fairy tales and will be moving onto the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Each day additional activities will be posted on Tapestry. Did you know you can download ‘Tapestry Journal’ as an app on your phone where you can access updates easily?

When you have completed any of the activities please record these and share them on your child's Tapestry account for us to see in school.


On Wednesday 4th March we will also be joining in with World Book Day. I would love to see your costumes and images/videos of you reading uploaded onto Tapestry!


We will post fun things we have been up to on the school website.

Our song of the week is:

This is a song version of the story to support the learning and recall of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Activities to try at home:

  • Sort items in your home from largest to smallest
  • Use junk modelling or construction materials (e.g. lego) to make a new chair or bed for baby bear
  • Can you re call the order of the story in order thinking about what the characters say
  • Consider how the different characters in the story would feel and why

Have a great week

Mrs Wilkie J

Week Beginning 22.02.2021

I hope you all had a lovely half term.

This week we are beginning our topic on Fairy tales and starting with the story of Jack and the Beanstalk

Each day additional activities will be posted on Tapestry. Did you know you can download ‘Tapestry Journal’ as an app on your phone where you can access updates easily?

When you have completed any of the activities please record these and share them on your child's Tapestry account for us to see in school.


We will post fun things we have been up to on the school website.

Our song of the week is:

Activities to try at home:

  • Draw out different size footprints, can your child use objects around the house to measure how long the footprints are? You could see how many toy cars, how many crayons, how many pieces of cereal?
  • Build a giants castle or the beanstalk using logo/construction resources or even challenge yourself to make one using junk modelling!
  • Encourage your child to practise writing their name and other basic letters/patterns

Have a great week

Mrs Wilkie J

Look at our brilliant learning!WB 22.02.21

Week Beginning 08.02.2021

This week is the last week before half term. We will be finishing the term with wellbeing week. We will be considering The 5 ways to Wellbeing.

 Here are some ideas of things we will be doing in school, maybe you could give them a go at home too!


1. Give – cards/letters made for local care home residents

2. Connect – talking to children around snack times about wellbeing, gratitude. What are they grateful for?

3. Be Active – cosmic yoga/orienteering sessions to take place outside to encourage fresh air

4. Learn - We will be learning how to say ‘hello’ in different languages each day, along with sign of the week.

5. Take notice  - discuss with your children about how they are feeling that day. Look at the different emotions and support children in recognising and regulating their own emotions.


Each day activities will be posted on Tapestry.

When you have completed any of the activities please record these and share them on your child's Tapestry account for us to see in school. You can download Tapestry as an app and you will receive this notifications more readily.


We will also be looking at Valentine’s day and Chinese New Year.

Activities to try at home:

  • Make a love potion using different liquids and containers
  • Writing and sharing all the things we love about people who are special to us
  • Draw some hearts and cut them in half, one side to have the numeral (5) and the other side to have 5 spots. Children to match the amount to the numeral
  • Reading the story Dragons in the city (video below)
  • Write wishes down on card and attach it to an orange
  • Create some flags and streamers, move around to the beat of a song

Have a great week

Mrs Wilkie

Week Beginning 01.02.2021

This week we are learning about SUPER HEROES

Each day activities will be posted on Tapestry.

When you have completed any of the activities please record these and share them on your child's Tapestry account for us to see in school. Thank you to all who have done this already, it’s great to see your child’s learning in action!


We will post fun things we have been up to on the school website. We are going to be reading many different super hero books in school. If you don’t have any at home you could always use video clips of programmes your child might watch at home such as; paw patrol and PJ masks!

Activities to try at home:

  • Get creative and make your own super hero cape/mask/shield/power cuff/walkie talkie
  • Use super hero characters at home to re-enact a scene
  • Draw your own super hero and describe what they are wearing
  • If you could be a super hero, what power would you have and why?

Within maths we are also focussing on ordering numbers in sequence. Cut up 10 pieces of squared paper. Write out number 1-10, can your child put them into the correct order?

We are also very busy practising recognising and writing our name.

Have a great week

Mrs Wilkie J

Super hero sign

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Miss Polly had a dolly - sing and sign

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Week Beginning 25.01.2021

This week we are learning about the Police and Doctors.

Each day activities will be posted on Tapestry.

When you have completed any of the activities please record these and share them on your child's Tapestry account for us to see in school.


We will post the wake and shake of week and the sign of the week on the website.

Activities to try at home:

  • Have a range of items and order them from smallest to largest
  • Use chalk to draw around your hand on black paper. Then use cotton wool buds to stick and pretend they are like an x ray
  • Create an crime scene and use a magnifying glass to find the route of the problem. Could they record their findings on an incident form
  • Use lego/construction materials to build a new police car or handcuffs


Here are some links that you could watch at home:

Week beginning 25.01.2021 - Police

Week beginning 25.01.2021 - sign of the week - bag

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Week Beginning 18.01.21


This week we are learning all about Dentists!
Each day activities will be posted on Tapestry.

When you have completed any of the activities please record these and share them on your child's Tapestry account for us to see in school.


These are some activities that we will be doing in school

-Using a paintbrush (not one that they usually brush their own teeth with) to paint different objects
- Sorting food into those that are good and not so good for our teeth and discussing why that may be
- Showing your child how to brush their teeth - set a 2 minute timer to see how long it should be for
- Making your own dental equipment out of junk modelling
- Investigating and exploring- we will be using the bottom of upside down plastic bottles and pretending these are teeth to clean


Here are also some videos you can watch at home with your child about dentists and teeth:

Early Years Home Learning Apps

Week Beginning 11.0.21- wake and shake

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Our wake and shake this week is - ‘let’s go riding in our car‘

Week beginning 11.01.21 - sign of the week

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This weeks sign is ‘more’

Week beginning 11.01.21

Week beginning 04.01.2021

Week beginning 04.01.21

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Singing and signing with Mrs Climo

Week beginning 04.01.21

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Wake and Shake!

Nursery Newsletter September 2019

Nursery Newsletter January 2019

4th Jan 2021 - Weather Counting Activity - Grown ups please can you print and cut out for your child to match the number and quantity.

Weather Colouring Sheets for Week Commencing 4th Jan 2021

Look who came to see us this morning! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

Christmas Jumper Day - Afternoon Nursery.

Christmas Jumper Day - Morning Nursery

Morning Nursery - End of Year Party!

PM Nursery End of Year Disco!

Bird week.16-20 November

This week we have been learning about birds. We read owl babies, made fat balls for them to eat from the sunflowers that grew in the allotments. We also made binoculars and on Friday we went over to the eco bus to look out for birds.

Celebrating Diwali November 2020

This week we have been learning about Diwali and having fun. We tried naan bread and poppadoms ,danced to Indian music, made rangoli patterns with coloured rice,made clay Diva pots and had our hands painted in a mehndi designs.

Nursery Celebrating Poppy Day

Showing our friends how to zip our coats up.

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Showing our friend how to put their coats on.

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Enjoying Cosmic Yoga

Morning Nursery - Looking at the new Dragon bench.

Afternoon Nursery - Looking at the new Dragon bench.

Autumn Walk - Looking at the different colour leaves. Morning children

Afternoon children

We found a feather and a birds nest on our Autumn walk this afternoon

World Book Day - We dressed up as Mythical Creatures.

Potato growing and tasting 

This week we have been learning about vegetables.We went to our allotment and dug some up that had been growing under the ground and then we cleaned them,chopped them up and ate them as potato wedges.

Morning Nursery

Afternoon Nursery

Pancake day 25th February

Today is pancake day and we all helped to make the pancakes and then got to try them with lemon and sugar,Yummy!

Morning Nursery

Afternoon Nursery

Insy Winsy spider

This week we have been learning Insy Winsy spider .We have made spiders for our web and we even handled real spiders!

Frosty winter walk 6th Feb

Today the morning children went out to explore all the frost it was very pretty

Afternoon bird spotting walk

Play,Learn&Grow Together - 5th February 2020 - Children's Well being Week

31st January

Chinese new year

To celebrate Chinese new year this week we have been trying Chinese noodles in class.

PM Nursery

AM Nursery

Play,Learn&Grow Together - 27th January 2020 - Chinese New Year

Play,Learn&Grow Together 20th January 2020 - Sugar Box Talk

Play,Learn&Grown Together 15th January 2020 - Welly Printing

20th December - Christmas Jumper Day

19th December 2019 - Christmas Party

18th December 2019 - Surprise visit from Santa!

Stay,Play & Learn together - 11th December 2019 - Christmas cooking

Play,Learn & Grow together - 4th December 2019 - Christmas

Christmas Play - Nursery Angels

Play, Learn & Grow Together - 28th November 2019 - Exploring textures using different materials

Play,Learn & Grow Together - 20th November 2019 - our first session

13th November Learning journal sharing

Today we invited Parents and carers in to look at their child's learning journey.


Morning Nursery
Afternoon Nursery

Apple crumble 8th November

Morning Nursery

Today we used our apples to make some apple crumble.We all had a go at making the crumble, which we all tried for snack.

Afternoon Nursery

Autumn walk on 7th November

Today we went on an Autumn walk,we looked at signs of Autumn in our playground and collected leaves that have fallen.We also picked apples from our apple trees which we will use to make apple crumble tomorrow.


Morning Nursery

Afternoon nursery

Afternoon Nursery visit the fire pit (3rd October 2019)

We found the teddy bears having a picnic!

Morning Nursery fire pit picnic (3rd October 2019)

Today we went on an adventure,we went to kingfisher island and sat round a fire pit to eat our teddy bears picnic.

PM Nursery global explorer bears


PM Nursery teddy bear hunt

The afternoon children used their binoculars they made to find the teddies in the woods today.

Global Explorer bears AM Nursery

As part of global explorer week we could bring in teddy bears and dress them up as explorers today.

Am Nursery teddy bear hunt.

Today we used our binoculars we had made to look for teddies in our woods.

PM Nursery hobbit house visit

AM Nursery - We visited the Hobbit House for a story.

Stay and play Wednesday group 10th July

Today we played games and had to wait our turn we also had fresh peas out of the pods for snack and read a book about trying new foods.

Stay and play Wednesday the 3rd July

Today in group we took part in messy play, made our own reward jars to take home and had frozen yogurt for our snack, yummy.

Stay and Play Wednesday 26th June

The big bus adventure

Today we all went out to explore the Eco Bus.We held our grown ups hand as we walked over, got our tickets and got on board.We then listened to a story about vehicles and talked about wearing seat belts and helmets to stay safe.

Then we went up stairs to have our snack and sang songs before we left.

Stay and Play Wednesday the 19th June

Today in group we made things out of K Nex and we read the hungry caterpillar and ate lots of different fruits at snack time like the caterpillar.