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Year 1 Class 2

Chalk Art

The children created some amazing artwork in our outdoor classroom to celebrate the end of our Art lessons for this year. Each child had one paving stone to decorate. What creative children! 

Building Nature Sculptures

We continued to build sculptures this week but this time we were thinking BIG! It was great fun and the children produced some fantastic work. 


In Art the children have been learning about sculptures and how to create them using natural objects. Look at the wonderful work they have created.

World Ocean Day in Year 1
Picture 1
Picture 1

Easter Time

The children did lots of exciting activities this week including making chocolate crispy cakes to go in their very own Easter baskets they made. They also made their own crazy Easter egg pictures. There was lots of fantastic writing based on the story we read called Saving Easter. 

World Book Day

We had a whole week of exciting learning to celebrate World Book Day and Elmer's 30th birthday. This week the children in Year 1 wrote invitations for Elmer's party and they even made their own Elmer books. During SMSC they talked about what makes each of us unique - just like Elmer is unique. On World Book Day we had a story swap with children in Year 5; the children loved sharing their own books with their partner. We also did some wonderful Elmer art with tissue paper. Thank you to all of the parents who joined us for Live Learning too! 

Science Week

What a week! We had a workshop teaching the children about healthy living, we explored making shadows which included making shadow puppets and using them for a performance and we even made slime! 

Explore Learning Maths Workshop

The children were able to enjoy a Maths workshop today where the idea of pictograms as a way of presenting data was introduced to them. They enjoyed creating a human pictorgram too!

Steve Skidmore Wonder Day

The children had a great time in the workshop led by author Steve Skidmore on Monday. They were able to join in as he performed one of the plays he has written. They then enjoyed creating a piece of art based on the workshop and later in the week did some fantastic writing. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12

Peter Pan Dress Up Day

Well done to all of the children who dressed up in wonderful outfits and contributed to our fundraising for GOSH. The children looked great! 

Picture 1

KS1 Christmas Play

The children in 1:2 were wonderful in the Christmas play. They sang beautifully and danced like groovy kings! We hope you all enjoyed it. 

Picture 1

Christmas Shopping Day

The children had such a wonderful time this afternoon choosing presents to buy from the amazing Christmas shop set up in our Multi Purpose Hall. A huge thank you to the PSA who did an incredible job. Now the children just have to keep their gifts a secret until Christmas!

Perform Workshops

We were lucky enough to have the company Perform come in to give the children dance and drama workshops over the past 2 weeks. The children loved acting like clowns and helping to put the smile back on the clown's face! They also became aliens in the dance workshop. They produced some great creative work! 

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be...

We finished our Reach for the Stars week with a wonderful day. Children dressed up as what they'd like to be when they are older, we found out lots of interesting information about working in a bank and we had a party to celebrate 70 years of Howe Dell.

Reach For The Stars Week

We had such a wonderful week packed with lots of exciting activities from the climbing wall, dance and drama workshops and flying kites! 

Welcome to Year 1 class 2. Please check regularly for news letters, general information and to find out about what we have been learning.

Newsletters 2018-2019.

Our first week in Year 1

Well done to all of the children in class 1:2 for a great first week back. We have done lots of work and today we got to explore some of the areas in our classroom. The children were able to be reading detectives in our reading corner and use our Doctor surgery role play corner. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Royal Wedding Party May 2018

Wild Wonder Day April 2018

Live Learning March 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended our Live Learning session - it was wonderful to have not only mums and dads but also grandparents and even a big sister coming along. It was a really busy and fun lesson where the children explored a carousel of activities to learn about 3D shapes, with a focus on the use of mathematical language.











A visit to Kingfisher Island

We have been learning about frogs in Science and English, so we went for a walk to Kingfisher Island to see the natural habitat where frogs live.

There are no frogs yet but we hope to see some later in the year!

Thank you to Mrs Hill for helping to keep us safe near the pond.   


A furry visitor to Class 1.2!

In Science we are learning about Animals and how to take care of our pets.

Miss Christmas brought her guinea pig, Snowflake, to visit us and told us how she looks after her. We even got to stroke Snowflake!



Chinese Dragon parade February 2018







Year 1.2 September 2017

Year 1.2 General Election

Year 1.2 General Election 1
Year 1.2 General Election 2
Year 1.2 General Election 3
Year 1.2 General Election 4
Year 1.2 General Election 5
Year 1.2 General Election 6
Year 1.2 General Election 7

Year 1 held their own General Election. We had five candidates who put some good arguments forward. The Green party wants more shelter for the homeless. The red party wants more firemen to educate people on how to stay safe. The Blue party wants more leisure facilities for families to use. The Purple Party wants more money to be given to the poor and items in the shops to be cheaper. The Orange party wants more policemen on the street to keep us safe.

The children voted in the class polling station and put their votes in the ballot box. The winning party was the Orange party!!

Where in the World!

Where in the World! 1
Where in the World! 2
Where in the World! 3
Where in the World! 4
Where in the World! 5
Where in the World! 6
Where in the World! 7 Lots of great costumes!
Year One have been learning about iconic monuments around the world. They drew and painted them.

Live Learning

Live Learning 1
Live Learning 2
Live Learning 3
Live Learning 4
Thank you to all the parents who joined us for Live Learning. The children enjoyed having you there to join in their learning. Some fantastic poems were produced!

Happy Easter Everyone

Happy Easter Everyone 1
Happy Easter Everyone 2

Pet Day

Pet Day 1
Pet Day 2
Pet Day 3
Pet Day 4
Pet Day 5
Pet Day 6
Pet Day 7
Pet Day 8
Pet Day 9
Pet Day 10

Live Learning

Thank you to all the parents who joined us for 'Live Learning'. The children joined in some shared reading about 'The land of the Dinosaurs' and used their phonics to read  descriptions about dinosaurs and drew them.

World Book Day

The children loved dressing up as their favourite characters today!

We focused on the story 'The Chicken Thief' and the children did a fantastic job of writing their own versions of the story, using story language.

Thank you to Mrs Woolf from Year 5 for reading a story to Year 1.2 during our half hour 'teacher swap'.

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day 1
Safer Internet Day 2
Safer Internet Day 3
We learnt how to stay on the internet and explored what photos are safe and not safe for us to put up on social media.

Sharing Stories-Year 1 and Year 6

Thank you to Year 6 for writing and sharing stories with Year 1. Year 1 loved listening to them!

PE Spring Term

PE Spring Term 1
PE Spring Term 2
PE Spring Term 3
PE Spring Term 4
PE Spring Term 5
PE Spring Term 6
We are doing Gymnastics in PE at the moment. The children have been learning moves on the floor and then combining them to make a routine. Then we progressed onto using these move on the apparatus.


Maths 1
Maths 2
Maths 3
This term we have been learning about coins in maths. We have also been learning lots of different strategies to help us add and subtract.

Christmas Shopping Day

Christmas Shopping Day 1
Christmas Shopping Day 2
Christmas Shopping Day 3
Christmas Shopping Day 4
Thank You to the PSA for organising the Christmas Shopping. Years One loved the Christmas grotto and enjoyed buying presents for their family.

Hertford Museum Toy Workshop

Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 1
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 2
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 3
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 4
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 5
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 6
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 7
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 8
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 9
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 10
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 11
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 12
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 13
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 14
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 15
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 16
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 17
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 18
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 19
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 20
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 21
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 22
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 23
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 24
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 25
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 26
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 27
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 28
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 29
Hertford Museum Toy Workshop 30
The children really enjoyed the Hertford Museum Workshop. They explored how old toys worked and what they were made from. The children discussed how they are different to their own toys.
Year 1 have enjoyed using the laptops this week. The children are learning to log in and out independently. This week we learnt how to control the mouse to create our own pictures.

Puppet Show and Workshop

Puppet Show and Workshop 1
Puppet Show and Workshop 2
Puppet Show and Workshop 3
Puppet Show and Workshop 4
Puppet Show and Workshop 5
Puppet Show and Workshop 6
Puppet Show and Workshop 7
Puppet Show and Workshop 8
Puppet Show and Workshop 9
Puppet Show and Workshop 10

Think Outside the Box Theme Week

Years 1 enjoyed joining up with Reception for a 'Think Outside the Box' Carousel. We had to work with our friends to complete lots of activities.

Maths in Year 1

Maths in Year 1 1
Maths in Year 1 2
Maths in Year 1 3
We have been using Tens Frames to help us add in year 1. The children are starting to notice number patterns.

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