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Design & Technology

Cookery Club with Ms Morrison

Design and Technology Overview

DT Club with Miss Pearson
Pop up puppets
Measuring and cutting
Trial and error
Pop up cards finished
"How will we secure the buttons?"
Sock Puppets
Chatter boxes
African clay pots
Cutting nets for our boxes
The children enjoyed cooking!
Peppermint creams
Boxes for our peppermint creams
Making bookmarks
Thinking carefully
Book marks
Designing and making Kites
"How can we make our kite even better?"
They flew well
Year 4 DT
Designing our tourches
Researching existing products
Following our pop up designs
Pop up books
Anglo Saxon Houses
Anglo Saxon Houses

Electric Cars-STEM

An engineer worked with Year 4 to make electric cars. The children cut their own wood to make the frame and made the circuits to power the car.

Year 2 Bread Making

Year One have been learning about healthy food and what to eat for a balanced diet. They have practised washing, peeling and chopping fruit and vegetables safely. 

The children then planned and made their own fruit salad.

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