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Howe Dell Primary School

Home Learning

Home Learning at Howe Dell


Educational research has shown that ‘homework’ has very little impact for pupils in primary school, unless it requires them to rehearse and practise e.g. reading skills and rapid recall of facts. The regular school day already demands high levels of work and engagement upon pupils and there is a need for them to enjoy their childhood and have a break from formal learning when at home.

Our “Home Learning” expectations are based upon this research and therefore we will only be encouraging pupils to practise key skills that need consolidating within their age group. What has the most potential impact is talking to others, sharing ideas and explaining concepts. These activities cannot be shown or demonstrated through completion of worksheets. We are also mindful that family life is busy and there are many competing demands on family time outside of school hours.



The principles which underpin our home learning approach are:

• An understanding that learning can and does continue beyond the school.

• Home learning is an opportunity for families to become active partners in supporting their child’s learning

• Opportunities to repeat, explain, share and explain concepts and skills helps these to ‘stick’

• Reading regularly and widely should be the most important part of home learning

• Basic maths skills, such as number bonds/ times tables/ using ‘time’ should be regularly practiced

• Spelling patterns (including phonics sounds) and key words should be regularly practiced

• Wider activities such as parks/ museums/ outings/ libraries are valuable parts of home learning


Suggested Home Routines:

• Reading regularly (ideally 5-7 times weekly), either being listened to or reading independently

• Weekly revision of number bonds/ number facts/ time tables (appropriate to year group) through the use of NumBots and Times Table Rock Stars.

• Phonics activities (EYFS/ KS1 pupils)

• Weekly spelling/ phonic patterns with related words (appropriate to year group). These will be uploaded to Google Classroom weekly.

• Reading tasks linked to topics/units of work using Curriculum Visions resource

• Encouragement to engage with other online school resources e.g. Letter join and My Maths.


Weekly Task - Accessed on Google Classroom

Class teachers from Years 1-6 will also identify a short task linked with learning that has just taken place or is due to take place in class. Details of this task will be shared weekly on Google Classroom. Early Years classes will complete a weekly ‘show and share’ activity which will be uploaded to Google Classroom and shared in class during carpet time.


Year 6:

Our pupils in Year 6 who are preparing for national tests (revising learning and skills from Y3 to Y6) along with getting ready for secondary school will have a different look to their home learning expectations. We work closely with our secondary school colleagues to ensure that the children are familiar with the homework processes that are expected of them at Key Stage 3. Year 6 staff will outline expectations and procedures at the initial meeting in September.



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