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Spring 2022

Autumn 2021-22 Howe Dell are trying to raise £60 to donate to 'Toilet Twining' and support another community in accessing clean safe toilets.

Autumn Term 2021-22 Year 4 took part in a BBC Live lesson called Regenerator Climate Change. The aim of this I've lesson was to inspire children to live a greener life and encourage others to look after the planet. Year 4 were very excited to have some of their pledges read out during the lesson.

Autumn Term 2021-22 Waste Awareness Workshop.

Autumn Term 2021-22 Enjoying our school grounds.

Autumn Term 2021-22 The children were very proud to donate our home grown apples to our local food bank.

Walk to school poster competition. 2021-22

Work inspired by the book 'Floodland' Year 5 Summer 2021

Earth Day 2021

It will soon be International Chorus Day, please check the RSPB page and wildlife Trust page for identifying bird calls.

Earth Hour 2021

World Wildlife day 2021

ESD online resources (compiled Spring 2021)

World Wildlife Day resources

Green Flag 2021

Spring 2021 KS2 took part in National Aquarium live sessions and learnt lots of interesting facts about sea creatures.

Spring 2021 Year 3 have been learning about saving water.

All classes have been informed of our Eco Code, this was presented by Eco Squad.

Autumn- Year 2 are taking part in a Live Lesson on BBC Teach, which links to their Science topic and ESD curriculum all about animals and their habitats.

Autumn 2020 Year 6 have been using the outdoors to help them in their Maths lesson! Great use of our ESD curriculum.

Autumn 2020 Nursery have had great fun with our ESD curriculum this week. Look at all of the fun they had learning outdoors.

Autumn 2020 Year 5 learn how to read our energy metres and they will be analysing the results to discuss how we can be more eco friendly as a school.

Intent, Implementation and Impact of ESD and Outdoor learning. 
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Summer term 2020

KS1 made leaf dials to help then identify different types of trees on site.

Using our school grounds to inspire writing and art.

KS1 have been learning about different habitats and about different body parts of insects.

Celebrating National Gardening Week.

We made bird feeders using pine cones and we created art inspired by nature.

KS2 used natural materials to create a wonderful piece of art.

The children on site designed and created ant farms, they also discussed how we can look after the wildlife the live on our school grounds.

The children on site celebrated Earth Day but making nature crowns.

The children have been using our school grounds as a part of a scavenger hunt and also to help inspire art work.

The children are enjoying maintaining the school grounds during the warmer weather ensuring plants have enough water.

Spring term 2020

Earth Hour 2020

YCA's and Eco Squad worked with Miss Madden, Mrs Middleton and Miss Adams to set an extended piece of creative home learning linked to our Eco-curriculum. The results were displayed over two nights during our Spring Parent Consultation meetings. Enjoy the fantastic outcomes below!

Year 1 have been learning about animals. They used recycled materials to make animal models to help them with this topic.

ESD curriculum review presentation 2020.

Autumn term 2020

Across the school, children have been making Christmas Dinner Hats from materials that have been reused and recycled!

Year 2 (Autumn Term) Have been learning about Rain forests!

Clean Up Hatfield- Eco Squad and After School Club took part in creating poster to raise awareness about the effects of littering and took part in litter picking.

After School Club litter picking.

ESD training for new members if staff.

Eco Squad met to discuss their roles and responsibilities for the year ahead.

End of 2018-2019

Year 1 used natural resources to make sculptures.

Gardening Club grew lots of potatoes.

Blue Planet Live Session 2019

Spring- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We have used recycled milk cartons to male an 'igloo' and reycled bottles to make 'bug hotels.' 2019

Affinity Water Visit-Water Awareness 2018-19

Gardening Club made poppies for our Remembrance Service using reclined plastic bottles. 2018-19

Clean Up Hatfield 2018-19

Gardening club-Summer Term 2017-18

Wild Wonder Day 2017-18

Year 1- Exploring our scool grounds. Sketching and painting. 2017-18

Earth Hour- Spread the word. 2018

Big Battery Hunt- Lets get recycling 2017-18

Marking Remembrance 2017-18

Clean up Hatifield Campaign 2018

Gardening club. 2018