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Year 1 Class 1

What a fantastic start to the year we have had in 1.1.

We have settled into the routine of school excellently. Each week, we complete a wide range of lessons such as Science, Art, Maths, Phonics and English.

Here are some pictures of what our lessons look like:






My experience of learning through Corona Virus March 2021

My experience of learning through Corona Virus

Welcome to Class 1.1's Class Page! 2020-21

Here you will find updates about our learning and resources to help you with your learning at home and school.  

Cultural capital Week. 2021.

Fruit kebab 2021

Art gallery 2021

sports Carousel 2021

World Ocean Day Summer 2021

Diversity Day.

We have been playing shop keepers to help us give change! We have also been recapping counting by playing Dotzi.

Easter celebrations.

World Book Day 2021

Power snuggle for World Book Day

Phoneme pronunciation videos

Here are two useful videos which demonstrate how to pronounce each phoneme. There is also a simple explanation of digraphs and trigraphs.

Spring 2021-signs of Spring

Spring 2021 Big birdwatch

Spring 1 2021 Weaving

Christmas calendars

Christmas cards!

Autumn Disco- The children were very proud to show off their outfits!

Float or sink class experiment in Science.

We have been learning about fire safety. We had a great time toasting marshmallows.

We visited the new dragon bench!

In Maths we have been learning about taking away using tens frames to help us. Below is a link for a virtual tens frame.

Mighty Zulu Nation

We have been working hard in Phonics!

Welcome from your New Teacher - Miss Adams

Still image for this video

Spring Newsletter

Welcome to class 1.1 2019-2020

Please can you learn this beautiful song!


Looking to the Rainbow

Useful links for your child to use at home.
Foundation subjects.

Thank you for all of your lovely letters! 01.05.2020

We learnt how to stay safe around a fire

Spring- Computing. We have been learning how to log on, find a programme and to control a simulation by inputting algorithms.

Spring- We visited the Eco Bus to help us learn more about homes.

PE Spring- Movement skills.

SMSC/PSHE Spring- Steps to success!

Christmas Shopping Day. Autumn

Christmas Play Autumn

History- Toys Long Ago. Autumn

Autumn Live Learning

Remembrance. Autumn

Self-Portraits! Autumn

Year 1 have been learning about subtraction this week using tens frames. Autumn

Autumn We have been exploring the Arctic. We have looked at non-fiction books to help us research the Arctic. We also wrote our own stories based on some drama work we did where we pretended to visit the Arctic. We also did a science experiment where we tested different materials to see which would be the best insulator to use in the Arctic to keep our drinks warm.

Year 1 met Jigsaw Jack today. Jigsaw Jack helps us talk about our feelings. Today we learnt about when we feel most safe. Autumn

Year 1 have been enjoying running a mile a day. Autumn

End of 2018-2019

We made sculptures using natural materials.

Ocean day

Year 1 went on the new Discovery Bus.

Year 1 visited the allotments. We have been planting beans.

Story box swap with Year 4.

We have been learning about plants and trees.

Explore and Learn


Book swap with Year 4.

Live Learning.

World Book Day

Shrove Tuesday

Shadow puppets

History Wonder Day.

Explore and Learn visited Year 1 for a Maths workshop.

Steve Skidmore returns to Howe Dell.

GOSH dress up day

Christmas Shopping Day.

Drama and Dance workshop

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Year 1 Explore and Learn Phonics Workshop

Reach for the stars- Dance and Drama workshop,

Mr Smith flew a kite to encourage the children to make kites for next weeks learning. We had a lovely time watching.



English (September)- Holiday writing and motor skills.