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Information for Ofsted

Report from School Improvement Visit May 2021

Providing Remote Education - Information for Parents

Ofsted Inspection September 2017: Outstanding

Ofsted Inspection May 2017 - Day Care: Outstanding

COVID Catch-Up Strategy Version 4 (17th March 2021)

Staff, Parent , Pupil and Governor feedback on provision June to Sept 2020, then from January 2021: Another Lockdown, another change of provision, but always with children's learning and wellbeing central to that experience

Children's Council set up laptops for parents to use for registering on Parent View at Friday Assemblies

Some examples of Wordles used on a regular basis to encapsulate a wide range of views, linked to projects and events.

School timetable available on site, current staff list and organisation. Times for the school day are 8.50am to 3.15pm. Nursery 8.50am - 11.50am and 12.15pm - 3.15pm

Any information about pre-planned interruptions to normal school routines during the inspection and the Single Central Record of the checks and vetting of all staff working with pupils will be available on site

Some examples of photos taken on Governor and Head Safeguarding Walk, with the help of our children. Further evidence on website via Our School/ School Tours.

Some examples of photos taken by the Facilities Team during a safeguarding walk. The photos were discussed and ratified by our Children's Council to ensure safety and security for all across the site. The full presentation can be found under the 'School Tour' section of the website.

How do children know they are safe on line? An extract from a Pupil Forum discussion.

  • Shown videos about social networking
  • Told to tell an adult
  • Given passwords
  • We know how to report bad stuff
  • Children’s Council tell us
  • E-Safety Rules are displayed and taught to us
  • We know not to meet up with anyone we meet online.
  • We don’t accept things sent by strangers.
  • We are taught the SMART rules
  • Class Blogs are checked before they are published.
  • We made E-Safety posters
  • We know to use Google Safe Search
  • We know to tell an adult about pop-ups
  • Some websites are blocked at school
  • We know not to share personal info.
  • Encouraged to tell or talk to our parents and teachers
  • We know what is age appropriate
  • Guidelines in our school diaries

Pupil Voice shaping provision and next steps over time: Y6 leading a Forum each term to determine pupils' views on their safety, British Values and home learning, which was also shared with Parent Voice.

Records and analysis of any bullying, discriminatory and prejudicial behaviour available on site, but some evidence of raising awareness include the following:

Pupils leading work on including all in a safe school.

Weekly Themes for Assembly, available through Home / Ethos section of website regularly celebrate diversity within and beyond our Community, but some examples are included here:

Holi, with scarves not paint, gave us an opportunity to learn from a festival celebrated by 26 Hindu children who participated in our assembly.

Up-to-date Attendance Policy and External review of provision for all groups of pupils. Study Bugs a new Ap for phones to help reporting and tracking absence more effective and with advice to parents on support and NHS guidance. This can track trends and continue dialogue with parents as required. Whole School Attendance and rewards available weekly via Newsletter and more information on site

Information about the school’s performance management arrangements, including the most recent performance management outcomes and their relationship to salary progression, in an anonymised format on site. Updated Policy awaiting agreement from Governors.

Governors' roles and impact are evidenced on site and in more detail School/ Governors and Latest news sections of the website, including Speed dating with Link Subject leaders, a project now used in other Hertfordshire Schools. Our Governors have presented at the County Governance Conference and hosted governors from another School keen to learn from their input.

Reports of external evaluation of the school, including use of the Pupil Premium funding, mostly in School due to confidentiality, but some information available here: