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This year 42 children in 17 different groups sacrificed their lunch to gather research together about which charity they would like to support and why. 17 excellent presentations have been made and each one was unique in there own way and each one of them have been voted for. 

But the winning charity for this years charity is...

MNDA ( Motor Neurone Disease Association)

This charity's presentation's was made by 2 groups.

1 including Arissa, Arohi, Lexi and Isobella. The other including Finn, Riwaj, Rohan and Imogen  

Finn, Riwaj, Rohan and Imogen presentation

Arrisa,Lexi,Arohi and Isobella presentaion

Zaeem, Rene, Jamie and Andre presentation

Lucia and Kiki presentation

Jessica presentation

James, Kobe, Tyler and Eden presentation

Ishaq, Eli and Charlie presentation

Eva, Kelsie and Flavius presentation

Eleanor and Vaidehi presentation

Daniel and Favour presentation

Anya and Michelle presentation

Anais and Aliyah presentation

We will be hosting the presentations for the new charity on the 24th of November.

We wish all the charities the best of luck and we look forward to supporting our new charity.

Ishaq, Zaeem, Flavius and Eleanor.

The technician group.

Thanks to Y6 Children's Council pupils for feedback on Google Classroom to inform further provision. We are delighted children are enjoying this access for home learning and Bedtime stories and have assured pupils that if they were self isolating as a bubble, there would be 'catch up and chat sessions' as well as live learning. However, to keep children safe on line, this would always be supervised and hosted by a member of staff. This important feedback will be shared with Governors in the new year.

A BIG thank you. 

The Children's Council would like to thank everybody who has supported their charity this past year. We have raised a record amount of £1182.16 so far this year from events such as HDGT, raffle prizes, dress up days and our curry event. 

This is the most that we have raised as a school so far for a particular charity. 

Dress Up Day January 31st 2020. 

To raise money for our chosen charity Diabetes UK, the Children's Council would like to host a Dress Up Day. Each child who participates is asked to donate £1 which will go directly to the charity. 

We are asking all children to dress up in either Orange, Blue or White to represent the colours of Diabetes UK. 

If your child is choosing not to participate, then we ask them to wear normal school uniform. 
No football shirts allowed. 

An amazing 40 children, who were representing 18 different charities, gave presentations this afternoon to their peers. The Children's Council met to decide on what charity HDGT was going to support through it's fundraising. 

Charities, both local and on a  wider scale, were represented with key figures, video links and heartfelt pleas being used. 

All of the children were extremely articulate.

The children also need recognition for the lunchtimes that they had sacrificed in order to create their posters and Power Points. Well done to everyone who was involved. 

Mrs Massey and the Year 6 teaching team were very proud of you all. 

Have a look at the images below and please do spend some time looking at the presentations that they children gave.