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Year 4 Class 1

My experience of learning through Corona Virus March 2021

My experience of learning during the Corona Virus

Welcome from your New Teacher - Mrs. Miller

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Year 4 Spring Newsletter January 2020

Lincolnsfield 1940s experience- We experienced what it was like living in World War 2.

Anti-bullying week- we used a tube of toothpaste to explain that when you say something unkind you cannot unsay it.

Live learning-we solved word problems involving column addition with our parents.

What we thought of the mini marines.

Global Explorers week- mini marines, book swap, life cycle mobiles, instructions on how to survive in the wild

Electricity: In year 4 we have been looking at electricity. We built circuits and tested them to see if they lit the light bulb.

Autumn 2019 Newsletter

Summer 2019 Newsletter

We loved having parents helping us with our pop up books during Live Learning!

World Book Day

Dance and Drama Workshop

In science we learned about how sound travels using tin can phones!

Wider Opportunities Strings Concert

Science Week

We Celebrated Women from History and researched the life of Anne Frank

Steve Skidmore Wonder Day

Reading with Year One

4.1 had a wonderful Christmas party

The children had fun on Christmas Shopping Day

Trip to Beaconsfield

Clean Up Hatfield Week - Junk Modelling

Autumn 2018 Newsletter

Sports Day 2018