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Welcome from your New Teacher - Mrs. Miller

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Year 4 Spring Newsletter January 2020

Lincolnsfield 1940s experience- We experienced what it was like living in World War 2.

Anti-bullying week- we used a tube of toothpaste to explain that when you say something unkind you cannot unsay it.

Live learning-we solved word problems involving column addition with our parents.

What we thought of the mini marines.

Global Explorers week- mini marines, book swap, life cycle mobiles, instructions on how to survive in the wild

Electricity: In year 4 we have been looking at electricity. We built circuits and tested them to see if they lit the light bulb.

Autumn 2019 Newsletter

Summer 2019 Newsletter

We loved having parents helping us with our pop up books during Live Learning!

World Book Day

Dance and Drama Workshop

In science we learned about how sound travels using tin can phones!

Wider Opportunities Strings Concert

Science Week

We Celebrated Women from History and researched the life of Anne Frank

Steve Skidmore Wonder Day

Reading with Year One

4.1 had a wonderful Christmas party

The children had fun on Christmas Shopping Day

Trip to Beaconsfield

Clean Up Hatfield Week - Junk Modelling

Autumn 2018 Newsletter

Sports Day 2018

Creativity Week-Djembe Drumming 7/6/18

Roald Dahl Museum 24th May 2018

Roald Dahl Museum, Great Missenden

We created our own characters.
We described our character.
We dressed up as characters from Roald Dahl's book
It was such fun!
We saw how Roald Dahl edited his stories.
We also visited St Peter and St Paul's Church.
We completed a quiz in the church.
We read the poem  'The Giraffe the Pelly and Me'
We saw where Roald Dahl was buried.
We followed the footprints of the BFG.

Royal Wedding Celebrations 18th May 2018

Easter Bonnets Assembly March 2018

Year 4 visit Hatfield House Field Of Remembrance 23rd March 2018

Hatfield House March 2018

World Book Day- We dressed up as colours,animals or vegetables.

World Book Day March 2018. Book Sharing with Year 1

First Access Concert February 2018

Christmas Party 2017

Lincolnsfield Centre WW2 Trip December 2017

Electric Car Project

DT: Cutting the wood
Maths: Measuring the correct lengths
Science: Making circuits
Supported by an engineer
Electric cars!

3rd November Mrs Chandaria came to tell us all about Diwali. Thank you Mrs Chandaria!

We learned about the story of Rama and Sita.
We coloured rangoli patterns.
We made glittery diva lamps.
Diva lamps and rangoli patterns.

On the 2nd November 2017 Mr Dummer came to talk to Year 4 about his experiences during World War 2

Clean Up Hatfield Campaign

On Tuesday the children enjoyed Indoor and Outdoor Learning. Activities included :-Litter picking and making bird feeders from recycled materials. Picking apples and using them to make bird seed kebabs! 

Maths week 5th October 2017 Brain Blaster Workshop

The children learnt a lot about resilience and teamwork in today's Maths workshop. It was also GREAT FUN!

Making Circuits in Science

In year 4 we get the opportunity to learn a stringed instrument.

Dance Workshop

We came up with the ideas.
We started with a warm up.
We stretched our bodies.
We moved in different ways.
We worked in groups.
We listened to ideas.
We worked as a team.
We performed our dance.

Hatfield House Visit

A great start to Year 4! We have been working together and learning how to classify shapes.

Art Workshop at Affinity Water 5th July 2017
First we looked at the artwork on display. It had been created by pupils from Onslow and it was amazing. Then we had an art workshop where we learnt how to create a picture using words. 

Cereal Adverts

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Children worked together as a group to create an advert to persuade people to buy their cereal. They had to think about persuasive language and techniques.

Cereal Advert

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Cereal Advert

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Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre 25-5-17

Live Learning May 2017 Getting the most from our reading.

We looked at Poems by Pie Corbett and discovered how he had used different language features for effect eg repetition and personification.

Pond Dipping on Kingfisher Island May 2017

Themed Week May 2017 'Where in the World?''

Where in the World...Themed week.

We learnt about  the problems the Sea Turtles are having in Sonrisa, South America. 

Pollution and acidification of the seawater is causing problems for the Turtles. The coral reefs are being damaged so there is less fish for the Turtles to eat. We discussed what people could do to help and made posters to explain the problems.

Making Sculptures in Art.

As part of our Art Topic, Year 4 made sculptures of Endangered animals.

World Book Day 2nd March 2017

The children had fun dressing up as their favourite character from a book. We shared a funny book called The Chicken Thief and wrote our own comic strips. 


Google Expedition 


What an exciting day! The children had great fun using Google Expeditions. We experienced expeditions to the Great Barrier Reef, Antarctica, an Ocean Safari and had a look at Volcanoes! 

Dare to Aspire Wonder Day-George Fouche


George talked to us and we learnt about what it means to be 'resilient'.

Year 4 also enjoyed a workshop where we had to try to make towers from marshmallows and spaghetti! This took real resilience!


French at Onslow St Audrey's


On Friday 10th February, Year 4-1 went to Onslow to experience a French lesson hosted by the pupils. We had great fun playing a range of interactive games. We learnt the French words for a variety of different sports and wrote sentences saying if we liked, loved or disliked a sport. The juice and biscuits was an added treat! 



The Bigger Picture- Live learning February 2017


In Live Learning we were reminded about how to keep safe on the Internet. We discussed the meaning of some emojis and played a match up game. Also we looked critically at images from the internet to decide if they were 'real' or 'fake' . We learnt about the importance of considering the 'bigger picture' when looking at images from the internet. Somethings we thought looked real, were in fact fake!