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Howe Dell Primary School




At Howe Dell we recognise the effect that a confident, fluent and coherent understanding of writing will have on a pupil’s progress, both inside and outside of the school environment. We therefore strive to provide a broad and deep curriculum, which encompasses writing practice, including handwriting, spelling, explicit vocabulary instruction, and writing for different styles, purposes and audiences, as well as focusing on spoken English and oracy. To ensure high quality teaching and learning of writing all staff members are well informed of planning, assessment, teaching and learning requirements for the writing curriculum. Ensure that all pupils know how to plan, practise and evaluate their work as well as carry out an effective edit and improve process.




To achieve our curriculum aims in writing we use the Herts for Learning English teaching sequence resource. There are three types of teaching sequence that we use at Howe Dell:

  • Detailed English plans
  • Focused English plans
  • Explore and Engage whole school plans

Every sequence is based on a high quality, language rich text. Immersion in the text ensures that all pupils have an exemplar model of the vocabulary and writing style expected as outcomes of the sequence. The sequences are carefully structured and organized across the three terms for each year group (Year 1 to Year 6) to form the long term plan.


Each teaching sequence is expertly designed to allow for the explicit teaching, modelling and rehearsing of writing skills prior to pupils then applying these through extended writing. Pupils learn how to plan, practice and evaluate their work as well as carry out an effective edit and improve process. Sequences also include the teaching of Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) within the context of the unit and focus text; this is in addition to explicit Handwriting and Spelling lessons.


Outcomes: As a result of the high expectations of the writing curriculum, our pupils produce writing which is enriched with vocabulary and accurately utilises much of the grammar necessary to create interesting pieces of work which seek to fully engage the reader.

Writing Progression of Skills


Handwriting is a very important part of the curriculum and our assessments.  This starts with ensuring the children form their letters correctly.  Below is a template you can print and use at home.  Make sure the children start on the dots and follow the arrows.  You can make this even more exciting by using felt tip pens, highlighters or even drawing the letters in the sand.

Letter formation

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