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An Example of Sports Grant Expenditure and Impact for 2016 - 17


A key deprivation indicator is that 25% of our Y6 are logged as obese, whereas the National Child measure data shows Hertfordshire average is 14.8%. The uptake was a large majority in the survey, as was the case for Reception which logged 11.2% obese as opposed to 7.5% Hertfordshire average.

Intervention new to September 2016 is a secondary School PE teacher to introduce new Y6 Sports Programme as well as supporting secondary transfer readiness. We have also extended our Clubs to include Hockey and Table Tennis, with increased Football and netball Fixtures to a wider selection of year groups. This continues to be reviewed termly.

Outdoor physical play opportunities in KS1 & KS2

Interim update on Sports Grant Expenditure November 2016. This excludes staffing costs and refers to advice from Financial Adviser at this time.

Our best estimate at budget setting time for Sports Premium Grant was £10,000


The actual funding received for the period April to August 2016 was £4060. The funding due for the period Sept 2016 to March 2017 (which will be credited in November's accounts) is £5682. Total funding in 2016/17 £9742.


Overall a marginal shortfall of grant to the school of £258. This is currently being spent on new resources, additional clubs and extra PE within lessons and with other schools.


Outdoor Physical Play opportunities in EYFS

Staff Meeting Reviewing Sports Grant Provision: What is it used for and what could our next steps be?

Basketball competition


Following a programme of Basketball for Yr 6 from our Onslow St Audrey Secondary School Sports Partnership PE specialist -  a team went to participate in an inter schools competition. Transport was via minibus. Thanks to Ms Woodworth and team for supporting and cheering on the team so well at this  event.  


Eleanor & Grace review the afternoon

At the basket ball competition everyone had a good time working as a team. We played Green Lanes, Oak View and Birchwood Ave and we came third. We all learnt different ways to shoot and learnt new techniques. Everybody got a chance to play in a match. At the end everyone had had fun and we came back feeling proud.