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Summer Term 2020

We explored magnetism and investigated what materials are magnetic. We then designed our own magnet maze!

KS1 children practiced their coding skills and created Bee Bot tracks with anything they could find.

We learnt about plant pollination and the importance of insects. We investigated the parts of real tulip flowers and labelled the parts. We even weeded the allotment and planted sunflowers.

KS1 have been learning about habitats and they have been comparing the similarities and differences between a variety of insects.

KS2 completed a STEM challenge to build the tallest straw tower.

We conducted the 'Grow A Rainbow' experiment šŸŒˆ

KS2 had fun making their own lava lamps.

Polar Explorer - Summer 2019

Science Week - Spring 2019

Year 1&2 had the opportunity to observe living eggs hatching!

Year 4 designed and built electric vehicles with the help of an engineer - Autumn 2017

Mad Science and Affinity Water Assembly "H20"


Our first Mad Science Club session -

Bones, Bones, Bones

A 'Mad Scientist' came to our Assembly!

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed watching the experiments and predicting what might happen. We saw balloon popping with fire, water balloons, gases being made, giant hairdryers, flying toilet roll....

It was so much fun.

Science in Action 2016-2017

Our Living Learning World time table

Our Living Learning World

Outcomes of 'Our Living Learning World' themed week - pupil questionnaires.

Staff Training for Science Curriculum Development