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Growing Leadership from Within 2020

Well done to our Howe Dell's Leaders from Within 2020 winners!

Continual professional development is key to ensuring our provision remains forward thinking and has maximum impact for our children.

Please see on site our training logs with impact which cannot be listed here under GDPR as information specific to each member of staff.

It includes the following:

  • Training on our Eco site and values, which informs our curriculum and is integral to our ethos. This is an early part of every new member of staff's induction.
  • Opportunity to shadow and observe fellow colleagues at work to learn from one another.
  • Safeguarding and health related statutory training, to ensure exemplary safeguarding procedures are implement.
  • Staff meetings, open to governors, non teaching staff and at times other schools to show case learning from external training and to cascade to others to ensure input and outcome are maximised.
  • Focussed training for subject leadership and to support staff with new roles and responsibilities to gain confidence in delivering expectations, which are mirrored in positive but challenging appraisal processes.
  • We have welcomed moderation orchestrated by School and Day Care with other providers and via external  County moderations, all demonstrating the rigour and accuracy of internal assessment.
  • We offer coaching as an opportunity for professional growth and to determine manageable next steps.
  • Every new member of staff has a mentor, every Subject leader has a Link Governor to ensure strengths can be celebrated with a partner who has a vested interest in developing a specific area.
  • Our whole site Leadership Days include Governors and through these, the School Plan evolves. It is relevant and has high ownership and accountability as so many involved in its formation.
  • We continue to provide training for others beyond Howe Dell and to learn from exemplar provision in Herts and further afield. The impact being a high profile school with access to innovation and learning both local and further afield.


Howe Dell Heroes - Roll of Honour 2019

Howe Dell Heroes, we thank you, with a selfie no less in 2019!

Well done our Leaders from Within 2019 winners. These amazing role models were nominated by our Leadership Team or Governors and recognise people across the site for giving so much more than any one could ask. Thank you from us all!

Growing Leadership From Within 2019

Great level of engagement from lunchtime staff to further develop provision for all children

Great feedback from our on site conference hosting 4 Hertfordshire Schools

Senior Leaders off site to think 'outside the box', enjoy the natural environment and apply team building through new skills!

Mrs Massey completes an extended training programme for Executive Headship. This included a year of working alongside highly respected Heads and visiting schools with various organisational structures in Nottingham, Colchester and Greenwich. As a result teaching School status and partnership development have begun.

Training via consultancy, visits, partnership working and through national and local organisations are all part of Howe Dell's philosophy of sharing and learning with other learners. Now we are planning a Conference: 'To Outstanding and Beyond' including workshops led by our staff on 03.09.18. Please see below for further details.

Howe Dell Heroes 2018! Nominated staff and volunteers by members of our Howe Dell Family. An emotional and heartfelt opportunitiy to say thank you.

Our staff and governors begin to consider what are non negotiable cornerstones of our School and what could pros and cons be of extending our reach? Next step, a bid to become a Teaching School.

What did you do that was memorable at work today? Do you want you want to join our 'A team' and be part of the Howe Dell Family? Check on teachinherts for advertised vancancies: visits warmly welcome!

Staff Roll of Honour List 2017-18: recognising leadership in all roles at Howe Dell

Annual Leadership Day with staff and governors: lessons from our past, values intrinsic to our present provision. How will all this inform next steps to spread the 'essence' of Howe Dell to work in partnership with new schools? WATCH THIS SPACE!

Life/work balance; staff milestones are marked and celebrated as well as successful work outcomes. Howe Dell weddings and babies are always celebrated with style.

We acted out a wedding and made promises
30 years of weddings prior to a new staff bride

Howe Dell Heroes, recognised again by staff, governors and pupils. One was even nominated by an impressed member of the public. There are so many wonderful moments to celebrate at Howe Dell but here is our annual opportunity to applaud some highly valued members of the Howe Dell family.

What does our Leadership Team across the site value about opportunities at Howe Dell for professional development?

Working with SLT, Day Care & Facilities Managers
School planning on Behaviour, Safety and Welfare
Leadership & Management with Succession Planning
How does it feel to be a leader at Howe Dell?
How did it feel to be a leader today at Howe Dell?
In our Training Day, what made me think deeply?
Leadership Day: what new learning took place?

More to be celebrated after Friday's announcements and Roll of Honour published in our Newsletter! Growing Leadership from Within: Our Annual Leadership Day has resulted yet again with team leaders recognising individuals who are demonstrating increased leadership impact. This year we have decided to publish some of these as well as celebrate all in our Sharing Assembly.

Welcome back! Postcards from our staff, proving they work hard, but have a life outside School too!

We had a Shakespeare Focus for our INSET this year. This is how staff reviewed the day from Teachers' Senior Leaders as well as Teaching Assistants and Dinner Time Staff.

Our AMAZING TAs walked 25 miles and over 16 bridges for Charity!

Howe Dell's Heroes 2016

Howe Dell's Heroes 2016 


Our Roll Call of Howe Dell's Heroes:-




The Facilities Duo – Colin & Sharon

This duo have had lots of projects to deal with over the past year – including the perennial battle with the wind turbine! (Which is now working!), the installation of the automatic car park gates and kestrels! Add to that Themed Weeks and Wonder Days for Maths, Shakespeare, Pet Day, Space & Time Travel week, Bird Art Attack and Our Living World, along with the regular annual Howe Dell events such as Sports Day, Remembrance Day etc..
Theirs is the kind of job that when things go smoothly they’re not noticed, yet in truth they deserve thanks daily.

Mel Chandaria

Mel is a kind, caring person who will go out of her way for anyone. She is an active member on the PSA whether cooking amazing food for an event, helping to set up or henna painting. She always has a smile on her face when greeting parents and staff, and is an active and willing governor, and is very supportive to her R.E subject leader in all areas, wanting to do the best she can for the school and children.

Mrs Massey

Mrs Massey is a one in a million head teacher. She gives the children in her care opportunities that they would not receive at other schools, through all of the Wonder Day, Wonder Weeks and Theatre trip experiences, as well as other projects run in the school. There are very few head teachers who are accessible to parents both at the start and at the end of the school day and who know the names of so many children. She is inspirational, passionate, dedicated and exceptional.  Howe Dell is extremely lucky to have her!

Julia Ellis-Hall

Julia is always bright, cheerful and approachable. She has many roles linked to Howe Dell but recently has been involved in some important Governor meetings. Julia has made staff feel appreciated and valued and this has been gratefully received during some challenging times. To ensure staff well-being she even brings staff packed lunches! She is also an active part of the community attending and supporting local events, even bringing along her ever expanding group of children who she child minds.

Lyn Walkerdine

Year 1 wanted to thank Mrs Walkerdine for reading with Year 1 children over the past 2 years. She has helped the children to progress in their reading and has helped them to grow in confidence. They respond well to her and look forward to her coming into read with them.
This is sadly her last year at Howe Dell and we will all miss her very much!

Well done those involved in Staff Netball Match for Sports Relief. £40 raised for charity.

3 cheers for Miss Adams, from 2 supporters
A group of loyal and soggy supporters
After School Club came out to cheer
3 cheers for the Reds
Competition was strong
Keep marking your opponant
Action shot!
Final win to Reds
What a healthy staff we have!
Let's give some support to the Blue Team!

Mrs Heard's Thank You Letter.

Staff Roll of Honour 2016

Staff Roll of Honour 2016

Howe Dell Leadership Team Training outcomes

What makes a good teacher GREAT at Howe Dell? Y4, 5 and 6 can tell you!

Well done to Mrs Richards, Teaching Assistant Year 4.1, for her British Red Cross awards – highest number of callouts attended in Hertfordshire, Bedford and Essex and Festive Responder - having attended a house flood on Christmas Day!
She is a volunteer for the Emergency Response Team, and attended
39 callouts last year, ranging from house fires, house floods, distraction burglaries, vehicles into buildings and the St. Albans sink hole.

What do staff value about working at Howe Dell?

How development opportunities are rated by staff
What makes staff proud to be part of Howe Dell

An extract from staff survey outcomes, full report available below.

  • I believe we make a real difference to the children in our care and everyone shares the same vision and drive to make this school so great. It is a daily challenge and everyone rises to it.
  • There are so many initiatives to encourage the children’s learning – wonder days, trips. The team work really well together and it feels like an extended family.
  • Everyone works hard with each other and not against each other.
  • This is a school with exceptionally high values of integrity in a fast paced and exciting environment; an excellent place to grow and perform.
  • I feel listened to and appreciated. I feel I am learning from extremely experiences and inspiring colleagues – from all areas of the school.

What do children think makes a good teacher GREAT?

Staff Survey to inform appraisals and future school planning and resourcing

What do staff do during INSET days?

Leadership Team meet to review staff skills, knowledge and experience in ensuring every child continues to matters, every day at Howe Dell.

Henry V provided plenty of inspiration to reflect on staff leadership styles for a whole site INSET involving teachers, TAs, MSAs and After School as well as Breakfast Club workers

3 staff weddings to launch the new year! See PowerPoint for images of all 3.

Miss Sharp's dad and his guide dog all involved
Howe Dell girls waited in rain to see the bride
Just like a princess!

3 beautiful brides celebrated via a PowerPoint from our Main Entrance

Introducing our Howe Dell Heroes 2015: staff and volunteers including governors who go above and beyond to make our school a wonderful place to learn.

Mrs Massey as support to the Manager has instigated Day Care Training, with a focus to review provision against New Early Years Framework. How do the staff feel about this?

Special Needs provision considered
What do we do for children with little English?
Teams mixed to find most evidence
Lots of knowledge about where evidence is
How to meet vulnerable  children's needs?
Deputy Miss Daniels and Early Years lead joins in
Lots of chatter as ideas escalate
Positive review of Parental feedback
How individuals feel about evidence captured
Commitment  and passion summarised
Come and meet the staff at our school.
Debra Massey Executive Headteacher
Emma Daniels Deputy Head / INCO
Pete Mason Deputy Head



Teresa Hymas/Diane Rouse Nursery
Tania Akthar Reception 1                            
Becca Reeve Reception 2
Kathy Adams Year 1 Class 1    
Marinda Yorke Year 1 Class 2                        
Georgina Malone Year 2 Class 1
Tina Christmas Year 2 Class 2
Lydia Bigginton Year 3 Class 1
Lucy Kirk Year 3 Class 2
Alison Miller Year 4 Class 1
Lizzie Castle Year 4 Class 2
Jo Middleton/Julia Kiely Year 5 Class 1
Daniel Steel Year 5 Class 2
Rachel Micklewright/Krisztina Joo Year 6 Class 1

Elle Ayrton/Camille Bogard

Year 6 Class 2
Emma Miller  
Lauren Madden  
Claire Payne (Maternity Leave)  
Heather Woollett (Maternity Leave)  

Chances to join in new learning opportunities for staff

Dress Up Days
Fellowship Afloat
Supporting our PSA many Events

Teaching Assistants

Anna Alderson Aleksandra Miksiewicz
Lopa Banerjee Andrea Nash 
Sally Climo Jo Newland
Emily Cowan Catherine O'Sullivan
Beth Dyball  Belinda Smith
Penny Galloway Victoria Stratford
Karen Garg Gemma Watkins
Ria Georgiadis Laraine West
Sharon Jansen (HLTA) Sharon Worsley
Krisztina Joo  
Lukshmi Juvanethan  
Jane Long  
Sam Marsh  

Office Staff

Mel Allgood Office Manager
Rachel Gordon Extended Services and Projects Administrator
Carly Clark Admin Assistant
Louise Bishop Admin Assistant
Tracey Horncastle Admin Assistant


Facilities Team

Sharon Hill         Facilities Manager
Steve Smith Deputy Facilities Manager
Andy Woolford Facilities Assistant


Midday Supervisors

Valmira Lokaj  Clare Tupper
Penny Lowde Selena Truman
Jyoti Sindhi Marinela Bekteshi
Seema Tiwari Zara Taran
Lucy Stammers Tina Wright

Other Staff

Nina Williams Partnerships and Community Manager   
Ashling Cooney Deputy SENCO  
Mel Chandaria Breakfast Club Assistant    
Edith Dorogi After School Club Assistant
Will Andrews                           ICT Technician
Caroline Griffin Cook


Wordles arising from staff feedback