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We received a lovely email from a parent that had a visit to the school last week…


“I came for a school visit on the 3rd of March and I just wanted to email to say what a wonderful experience it was. The boy and girl who showed us around (I am so sorry but their names have slipped my mind) were fantastic. They were extremely informative, well mannered and enthusiastic about the school. What a brilliant idea to put your trust in the children to do the tour, it was so impressive.
The assembly was also lovely to watch, as so many awards were given out. It was great to see that praise was given for so many different achievements. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit so thank you!”

Safeguarding Walk of Building with Governor, Mel Chandaria and Head, with the help of children around the building.

Safeguarding walk of the school site

What did some recent prospective parents say, after their visit including Assembly, chat to the Head and a tour of the site by members of our Children's Council?


Dear Mrs Massey

Thank you for talking with us and showing us around your school on Friday.

All three of us were really impressed with what the school has to offer and would be proud if William can be part of it.

We would also like to say a huge thanks to the two students that showed us around on Friday. They were so passionate, well spoken, and always made sure William was involved in the tour.

William said on the way home that he had made two new best friends.

Thank you again!

Parents of William

What did Mrs Massey notice on the first walk of the site to start the term?

Y1 photos of our 'Outdoor Eco Features'

Our happy chickens sometimes provide eggs with double yolks!

Library desk surface made from recycled pipes

Our Eco Building made with eco materials

Our Eco School Playground

Foundation Stage

Lower School Corridor


The Library

Our Outdoor Learning Space

Eco Curriculum in Progress