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Radio Club Spring & Summer 2019


Once again a big thank you to Jenna, Martha and Fahima for putting together this term's broadcast, which covers a whole range of fantastic events that have taken place in school.

We hope you enjoy listening.

Broadcast 11 - Spring & Summer 2019.mp3

Radio Club - Autumn 2018


This term's broadcast has been put together by Fahima, Jenna, Martha, Alfie and Fergus - a big thank you to them for their efforts. It includes many of the events which took place this term, such as wonder days, themed weeks and our remembrance assembly and also contains some very useful information on pollution and the NSPCC. We hope you enjoy it. 

Broadcast 10 - Autumn 2018.mp3

Radio Club - Summer Term Broadcast


Another excellent edition, this time put together by Fahima, Alfie, Fariyeen, Martha and Jenna - we hope you enjoy listening to it as must as they enjoyed recording it.

Broadcast 9 - Summer 2018.mp3

Radio Club


This term's broadcast comes courtesy of Aliyeen, Alfie, Martha, Jenna and Fahima bringing you all the news from an action-packed Spring Term - we hope you enjoy the listen.

Spring Broadcast 2018.mp3

Radio Club


Jenna, Aliyeen, Fahima, Martha, Julia and Pranav have been busy putting together the latest broadcast from Radio Club - we hope you enjoy listening to it.

Broadcast 7 - Autumn 2017.mp3

Radio Club


The children in Radio Club have been very busy putting together another broadcast for you all. It highlights the many wonderful things that took place in our school last term and also includes a fantastic interview recorded by Max and Aliyeen with our Teacher Of The Month, Miss Brind.


A big "thank you" to those two children and also to James, Pranav, Snighda, Jenna and Martha for writing and recording the many features on this term's edition, which just also happens to be the longest broadcast produced so far.  More again next term but in the meantime enjoy the listen.

Broadcast 6 - Spring 2017.mp3

Radio Broadcast - Autumn Term 2016


Our intrepid Radio Club members have produced the latest instalment in our series of broadcasts. They have covered the significant and exciting events that took place at our school in the Autumn Term - thanks to James, Amy, Pranav, Max, Caitey and Snigdha. Click on the link below to listen to the latest broadcast.

Broadcast 5 - Autumn 2016.mp3

Radio Club Broadcast - Summer 2016


Another term - another broadcast! Our intrepid reporters have put together this term's edition of Howe Dell Radio.


Well done to the whole team for putting it together: James, Snigdha, Amy, Caitey, Pranav and Max.

Broadcast 4 - Summer 2016.mp3

Howe Dell Radio - Spring 2016


The children in Radio Club have been hard at work putting together this latest broadcast, in which they talk about the events and Wonder Days from last term, including Space and Time Travel Week, Bird Art Attack, the wonderful O² experience, a trip to see the Lion King, PGL and of course our very own Howe Dell's Got Talent.


Thanks to Jachym, Alex, Andrew, Josh, Blake, James, Ashley,Manahil and Aliyeen for recording all of our items.


Watch out for another broadcast in the summer, which among other things will include Fellowship Afloat.


Click on the audio link below to hear this term's broadcast.

Broadcast 3 - Spring 2016.mp3

Howe Dell Radio - Autumn 2015


Here is the latest edition of Howe Dell Radio, recorded during the autumn term by our Radio Club members - we hope you enjoy listening to what's been happening  at Howe Dell last term.

Broadcast 2 - Autumn 2015.mp3

Radio Club


Radio Club meets every Monday with the aim of producing broadcasts all about the wonderful world of Howe Dell. In the process of doing so, children develop skills involving, script writing, sound recording and editing. They also use an on-line resource called which acts like an auto-cue once the scripts have been input.


Please take a listen to our first radio broadcast!  This has been a huge project and many thanks go to Mr Mason for helping with this.