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Mathletics and Marvellous Me Subscriptions
Following informal consultation with parents and staff it has been agreed to discontinue our Marvellous Me subscription. Our extensive use of Twitter, class pages on the website, SchoolComms and weekly newsletters are seen as more than sufficient to ensure parents and carers are kept fully up to date about the children's activities within school.
However, our subscription to Mathletics, as well as Times Tables Rock Stars, will continue at the heavily discounted price of £10 (individual subscriptions through 3P Learning, who operate Mathletics, are £59 per person). It is well known from research undertaken by Universities that regular use of Mathletics by primary school children greatly increases Maths skills and the ability to do well in tests. This is very evident at Howe Dell and certificates will continue to be awarded in Sharing Assembly (for YR to Y3) and in Key Stage 2 Assembly for Y4 to Y6).
Thank you to all of those parents who have so far made payments towards the Mathletics subscription. We encourage anyone who has not done so to pay the £10 subscription via the school office or online through School Gateway. Parents who have children eligible for Pupil Premium Grant will be fully funded by the school, as has always been the case.
Children for whom a subscription payment has not been made will lose access to Mathletics by the end of September.



In case you were wondering what your child may be missing out on by not having access to Mathletics, why not take a look at the video below which will give you a brief introduction. There's also a separate clip showing the thoughts of the University of Oxford on the benefits for children who use Mathletics.


Bought directly from Mathletics by a parent, a single child subscription would cost £59. Through Howe Dell, you can have both Mathletics and Marvellous Me for your child for a combined fee of only £10.