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Y3 & 4 pupils invited to tea party with Mrs Masse

Children had tea, biscuits and with puppets shared thoughts about school so far this year...

What makes me happiest in school?

* PE - with Mr Morgan;

* Maths – Times tables, adding, take away, division;

* Music - Mrs Miller we get to play musical instruments;

* ‘I like the routines of table tests’.

* Art – sketching sculptures. I like everything – there’s harder challenges this year!


What excites me about learning?

* At my old school: - Didn’t do Beacon Pupil and we didn’t go to the cinema for good attendance;

* Bigger playground to play ball games here. 3 playgrounds here.

* Kingfisher Island;

* Wonder Days – we see animals;

* Iain Green comes to help us photograph;

* I like dressing up – Star Wars!


How will I be braver in my Learning?

* To not give up and think more.

* Always choose harder challenge.

* Carrying my own stuff into school – not need Mum to do it!


What makes me unsure/worried at Howe Dell?

* Hard questions on the carpet and at the table;

* ‘I worry if I am a bit late in the mornings’; I feel: - embarrassed to go in when everyone’s settled - sad I will miss Attendance Award.