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Sparkle and Shine! Thursday 10th December 2020. Available to all from 9.30am.

Thank you to all staff and children who against the COVID-19 restrictions, have managed to create a short presentation including every child who can be filmed and is celebrating Christmas with us. Whilst children and class based staff will watch the performances in class bubbles at 9.30am on Thursday 10th December, this is available for all non class based staff to watch socially distanced in the Hall.

Furthermore, as our virtual Christmas gift to a wider audience, this is able to be accessed safely by parents, governors and those who would normally have come to site to enjoy our 7 usual productions at this time of year using the link below.


I hope this is enjoyed in the sentiment it is made: a positive end to 2020 for all. Thanks to all staff and children for their creativity and resilience with this, including Mr Mason who has compiled the final version. The photos are screen shots and images of us watching in our bubbles, whether that be in classrooms or socially distanced seats in hall for non class based staff. 

Feedback to date has been so incredibly warm and positive, for example:


'Just watched the Celebration of Christmas school film. I would like to say a huge thank you to the staff for making this happen, and a massive thank you to all children involved. As a parent watching this gift was magical and beautiful. I'm proud of my daughter and all the other children and staff that made this happen. Beautiful.'



'Just finished watching sparkle and shine and wanted to say it was absolutely brilliant. Made me cry a bit that it couldn't be done in the normal way. But all the kids were amazing. Well done to all the children and staff for adapting and putting on such a great performance that we could still watch at this time of year.'


Wider access via: