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Remembrance 2020 is marked very differently, but still with respect and collecting much needed funds for Royal British Legion, despite the confines of COVID-19 Lockdown 2

I am so proud of our children for dressing up in scouting organisation uniforms, wearing red and black or a poppy, for designing poppies at home and at school, to mark Remembrance despite COVID-19 restrictions.

Our Assembly might have been virtual, but welcomed governors as well as children from Day Care and School, totalling almost 500 people.

We shared thoughts, a child read his poem and saw artwork and creative outcomes from History topic work. We gave respect to those who gave their lives and recognised there had been fear for many on different 'sides' in wars now and in the past. We finished with photos of Hatfield taken by our children before COVID-19, celebrating the beauty of spring and new beginnings.  

Our cooks baked poppy biscuits and The Runway Club ensured the Remembrance theme was an amazing opportunity for creativity beyond the School day, but still in class bubbles.


The quiet dignity of 470 children and staff coming outdoors in bubbles to stand socially distanced was a powerful moment of reflection and a rare opportunity for us to be together during these times. 

Thank you to all who attended and contributed.