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Press release 10.08.16 giving update on Howe Dell School and Day Care Building

Statement sent to Hertfordshire County Council Press Office

 “A survey of the damage, organised by Hertfordshire County Council, has revealed that five of the 93 glass panels in the roof need fixing.  These will be replaced including the two broken panes and, as a precaution, all the roof panels will be reinforced at the joints. This work will be carried out on August 25 and 26, followed by a professional deep clean on August 30.
Our INSET days on September 1 and 2 have been adapted to enable us to set up for the term ahead, especially for Day Care, which was rehoused upstairs during the holidays.
We are expecting business as usual from September 5, when we will welcome our families back to another successful and safe year at Howe Dell.”

This message will be sent via School Comms to all parents and carers 1st September 2016, plus any other updates required for the start of the School Term.

Mrs Debra Massey