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Introducing our new Learning Champions

Today we  celebrated our Learning Champions during our Friday Assembly. This is a new and unique initiative at Howe Dell. 

These children’s significant progress, from a range of starting points, has been captured in Case Studies to endorse Howe Dell’s high expectations and excellent outcomes for children. 

The pupils' views have also been captured as they reflect on their learning during 2014 – 2015.

For those parents who completed the accompanying questionnaire with the letter celebrating their child’s success, their children have been awarded an extra prize of a £5 Book Token.


Congratulations to the 45 children celebrated.


Extracts from parental feedback included the following quotations:

The staff are always very helpful. They provide me with suggestions on how to help Annie continue to excel.” 

“ I’m always kept well informed with my children’s learning steps.” 

“We have certainly noticed a change in Annika’s story writing putting more detail in. You can notice her learning through the words and phrases she uses in her speech.”

“It’s always important to remember that every child is different, which is something I have become more aware of.”

“The class teacher has made necessary plans and has worked closer with my son to ensure appropriate progress is made.”

“When ‘Next Steps’ are highlighted by his teachers we are aware of what he needs to focus a bit more on and we can encourage him at home.”

“The teachers and staff are aware of all children in the school. I am able to approach certain staff, not only his teacher, to speak to them with any issues I might have.”