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Howe Dell's Got Talent 2015 Finals!

This wonderful event, led by our Children's Council and supported throughout lunchtimes the month before by the staff, remains a highlight of the Howe Dell School calendar. The drive behind it has always been the same:

  • To raise as much money as possible for a charity important to our Howe Dell community, usually raising between £300-400. This is voted upon following presentations prepared by our Children's Council representatives.
  • To give the Children's Council an opportunity to lead a whole school event with gain to benefactors beyond their immediate family and friends.
  • To give skills and talents of our children as young as 6 and as old as 11 an event to perform and indeed compete.

Every year, the level of preparation and quality of performances in auditions of up to 80 children is inspiring, but I can honestly say this year the variety of skills and confidence as well as level of performance has never been better.

A huge thank you to all who made this possible, notable thanks to Julia, last year's winner who returned as a Judge and whilst special congratulations go to Amy in third place singing a solo, 'Amazing Grace' with brothers Jayden and Leon singing and Joshua on the piano in joint first place, I hope the finalists all recognise themselves as the winners they truly are. Our hall was packed with a wonderful audience who beamed with pride as these children simply shone with super star qualities.

Many things make me proud of Howe Dell, but this event will always remain one of my favourites.

Here's to Howe Dell's Got Talent  2016!