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We are pleased to announce our ‘OUTSTANDING’ Ofsted outcome.

The report is available on this website via Ofsted section and a copy has been sent home, for all to read at your leisure, but the essence of Howe Dell shines through every sentence. This is the second OUTSTANDING OFSTED Inspection in 4 months at Howe Dell, including our Day Care outcome in May 2017, meaning exceptional recognition for our whole site is now secured. The recognition of overall effectiveness and leadership at every level is significant, but more so the joy of being part of our Howe Dell family is best reflected in the words of the children, which unusually have been included in the report.


Quote ‘I love coming to school. I would come during the weekends if I could’.

Quote ‘One pupil said that the teachers were like his best friends’.


A commemorative gift will be available to mark this incredible achievement for every child, member of staff, governor and Parent Voice member – others available for sale to celebrate this amazing achievement.


Mrs Massey




Head Teacher