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Children's Hour relaunched for all from January 2018

Having spent 2 days a week at another School last term, where many Howe Dell initiatives were introduced, I realised Children's Hour so well received there, no longer happened regularly at Howe Dell. It had simply fallen off the list as the school grew and other demands crept in.


Since reintroducing this opportunity for children to showcase their work, especially writing to me on a Friday and sometimes to read to our Nurture Dog Charlie, has been well received by all. A parent of an older pupil now in Secondary School tweeted:

'Fab idea! I always remember Alex coming home a few years ago saying, "I've been to Mrs Massey's office today..." I was mortified until I found out it was for a good reason.'


This is a wonderful end to the week and great to informally monitor progress but also to acknowledge the great impact our staff have on learners across the school.