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Champions for Excellence

I am delighted to report that Howe Dell was one of 4 schools across Hertfordshire selected to contribute towards this important conference for new heads, Deputies and Chairs of Governors. We repeated a presentation 4 times which shared the exciting culture of developing writing across the curriculum with enrichment from Wonder Days and Themed Weeks, building upon the suggestions of children to inspire real reasons to write. Miss Brind also explained the work we have introduced around talk for Writing and the introduction of 'Best Writing Books' as well as nominations for Author of the Week. As the event took place on 4th May and one of our inspirational moments was the visit of a Star wars X WIng Fighter actor and the arrival of a Stormtrooper in classrooms, our presentaion was entitled 'May the FOURTH be with you!'


Our 2 pupils, James and Fifi, both in Y5 stole the show! We repeated our workshop 4 times and the pupils' confidence and passion for learning was tangible. It was a proud moment for our School, recognised in the following message:

'Just wanted to say a very big thank you to you, your colleague and the wonderful children for presenting at our Champions for Excellence training day yesterday.  We know this is a very busy time in school.  We hope that this will be a memorable experience for the children.  They were a credit to the school.

We all learned a lot from your session.  At the end of the day, we asked the delegates to provide feedback on post-its.   The feedback was very positive.  Here is a selection of comments.  These comments sum up our views very well:

·         Useful today - hearing from schools sharing real-life good practice.

·         An excellent day – very inspirational.  Speakers were great – adults and children.  An opportunity to share fantastic, creative approaches.

·         Inspirational day.  Great to network.  Supportive to hear others taking the risks you want to or are already taking.

·         Opportunities to hear from a range of leaders in an array of different schools.

·         Best part of the day – ‘Creativity Carousel’

Thanks again!

Kindest regards

Liz Neville