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BMX Champion launches first week back to school with an outdoor assembly!

We welcomed back Mike, our BMX expert this week. The event allowed us to get together as a whole school for the first time in a long time, outside, socially distanced and in class bubbles on a beautiful, sunny morning – it was really great and extremely moving. After sharing some important messages on resilience and learning from failure (FLEARN became our new word of the day), Mike demonstrated his skills on a bike, which included a jump over a line of three brave members of staff. Year 6 enjoyed some great workshops throughout the day, learning new skills and having the message of resilience reinforced. What a fantastic way to start to the new school year!

Comments from parents included:

“Wow! That’s amazing!”

“Bella came home absolutely buzzing after today! What a fantastic day for everyone... thank you so much! Smiling face with smiling eyes”

“Anthony said that today was his favourite day at school ever! Thank you for organising this visit, when everything is being cancelled it’s even more special.”

“Oliver loved watching this and tonight asked for his own stunt bike!”

“Greisi had an amazing time. Thank you so much!”