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A tree to collate positive memories of Lockdown for COVID-19 and our Reflection Bench decked with roses to remember those loved but lost to the virus.

From Play Scheme, those learning off site and from children in Pods onsite, children have recorded positive moments in Lockdown. Parents, you have spent time with your children, kept them safe and supported them learning new skills. Shared interests and exercise, the sunshine and noticing wild life were all celebrated by our children. This has helped allay fears in these unsettling times for many.

Meanwhile, via Twitter and Newsletter, the Howe Dell family has been reminded of our Reflection Bench to add photos or names of anyone loved but lost to this virus. In response, this quiet corner of our grounds, instigated to mark the passing of a little girl called Lexi in 2014, has grown roses upon roses for months. A beautiful reminder that summer is on it's way.