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A Christmas message from our Vice Chair of Governors


I just wanted to say to everyone well done on your Christmas productions. In the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 plays, where the children’s sheer enthusiasm shone through , and for children so young it was amazing how many songs and words they had learnt. (I’m glad the inn keeper got his breakfast!)
The Key Stage 2 Christingle Service was very polished,  and again the children’s enjoyment was obvious. From the Year 3’s faces as they carried their candles so carefully, and the Year 4’s playing and singing little donkey which this year worked beautifully. The Year 5’s proud to be part of the tableau and tell the story and the Year 6’s so enthusiastic in their singing! The choir yet again performed to a high standard bringing many a tear in the room ( thanks for hugs and tissues Miss Madden!)well done Mrs Miller.
So after this long rambling musing , I guess I really just want to say that I know how much effort these performances take, and how everyone plays a part in ensuring they go smoothly. Well done, and now I hope that you all have a very happy Christmas.