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Inclusion at Howe Dell

Special Educational Needs, often referred to as 'SEN' or 'SEND' (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities), is a term used to describe learning difficulties or disabilities that make it harder for a child to learn, creating barriers to learning. The four identified broad areas of Special Educational Needs are:


Cognition and Learning Needs

Communication and Interaction Needs

Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs

Sensory and/or Physical Needs


At Howe Dell, we believe in Equity. We are proud to be an inclusive school who strive to achieve the best outcomes for each individual child in our care, at our school. Our school provides a broad and balanced curriculum for all our children. We do our very best to ensure that barriers to learning are identified at the earliest stage, as we believe that early intervention is vital in helping our children succeed and fulfil their potential. If a child has an identified Special Educational Need or Disability and/or barriers to learning, we aim to create an environment to meet that need in order for them to thrive.


Our goal is to meet each child’s needs through effective High Quality Teaching, differentiation and support. We make reasonable adjustment to our systems to meet needs as well as offering additional provision when appropriate. Support, for example, may be a class teacher discussion with the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) team or an external agency support such as an Educational Psychologist/ Advisory Teacher.


At Howe Dell, we believe every child should have access to high quality, inclusive teaching. Teachers differentiate the learning, set appropriate objectives and achievable targets for the individual children in their classes, closely supported by the Inclusion Team of the school to ensure every child is given the opportunity to reach their potential. The new Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice encourages support through an Assess, Plan, Do, Review cycle.

We always work closely with parents and their child and are proud of our strong working partnerships with our families here at Howe Dell, as we believe in a 'team around the child' approach. Parents are able to meet the class teacher or the Inclusion Lead to discuss their child's progress, needs and queries and work together to find solutions to enable each child to make the best progress they can.


If you have any concerns or questions regarding Special Educational Needs/ Inclusion, please contact Mrs McQuade, our Inclusion Lead and SENCo or Mrs Cooney, Deputy SENCO, via the School Office.

Support for Howe Dell Families 2022-2023

Parents and Carers,


Please see the below links which are signposts of information for supporting your children's emotional well being, Special Educational Needs and family life. Many of the support channels signposted below are also added to our School Newsletter and can be accessed from there too. If you require any further information or support, please contact the Inclusion Team in school via the main school office who will be happy to help you.


Hertfordshire Local Offer



The Local Offer lets parents and young people know what special educational needs and disabilities services are available in Hertfordshire, and who can access them.


New to SEND? Learn more






About DSPL Area 5

DSPL Area 5 (Welwyn and Hatfield) covers 32 primary schools, 5 secondary schools, 3 special schools and 3 nurseries.

DSPL (Developing Special Provision Locally) is a Hertfordshire-wide partnership approach where parents, staff in early years settings and schools, further education colleges, local authority officers and representatives from other agencies, work together as part of an Area Group, reviewing and developing the range of provision and support services available to their local community that :

  • Meets the needs of children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), aged 0-25, as close to home as possible
  • Improves outcomes for wellbeing and attainment
  • Widens choice for children and parers/carers
  • Removes barriers to learning
  • Uses resources more effectively


There are nine DSPL Area Groups across the county that meet regularly to discuss what services are available and to influence how services are shaped and developed to ensure the children and young people with SEND in their area receive the right support in their educational activities.


Please see below relevant contacts for Integrated Services for Learning

ISL Contacts


Welwyn and Hatfield Schools Partnership


Howe Dell Primary School is now part of the the Welwyn and Hatfield Schools Partnership. This service is readily available to parents, carers and the school to seek further support for themselves, their child/children and families.

Please read the information provided below to see what types of support our School Family Workers can offer. We encourage any families who would like additional support for their family and/or child to get in touch with the Inclusion Team at Howe Dell via the main school office who will happily assist parents and carers in making a referral.


Welcome to your local schools partnership. We are here to help improve outcomes for children and young people and to help make it easier for you to support your children with their learning.

Our School Family Workers support families in whichever way they need.  They have a wealth of knowledge regarding services available to support families and can offer one to one support on parenting issues. The School Family Workers will happily help with queries you may have.

What are School Family Workers?

The School Family Workers are employed by the Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield Schools Partnership to support families across Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield.

We can help support you with a range of concerns you may have.

No problem is too big or too small.

The help we provide is dependent on your needs and we are a completely confidential service.

Our School Family Workers have a wealth of knowledge regarding services available to support families. Some of the difficulties we can help you with are:

  •  Parenting strategies: e.g. managing challenging behaviour or sleep patterns
  •  Assisting parents of children with additional needs
  •  Changing schools (transition)
  •  Loss or bereavement
  •  Financial concerns
  •  Smoking, drugs and alcohol misuse
  •  Family breakdown
  •  Being in an abusive relationship

We have a wide range of knowledge about all issues that affect families, if you would like to discuss concerns with a School Family Worker please ask your school to make a referral to us or contact us directly on the numbers above.

If you prefer to contact us via email about anything we can help you with or sign up to receive our newsletters, please submit a contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



School Family Worker Service - free courses for parents/carers



We support the positive mental health of children and young people, 0 – 25 years. 


We do this three ways:


    • We offer 1-1 and group arts therapies for children and young people
    • We offer training and supervision to professionals
    • We offer workshops and support to parents and carers.

NESSie provides easy access to arts therapies, counselling, support and training so that children, young people and their families can thrive.  We provide support through partnering with local schools, county councils and community organisations within Hertfordshire and the surrounding counties. Parents can also reach out to us directly.   

Together our therapists have over 200 years of experience. We welcome diversity and have specialist trauma, ASC and LGBTQ+ therapists within our team. We have excellent feedback from organisations and parents and a long history of working relationships with local statutory and community partners.

We are proud to offer qualified, regulated, child centered, flexible support.  Our Mental Health Leads Training is quality assured by the Department of Education


Link to further support: 

Families Feeling Safe Parenting Support

Carers Support Group

Parenting Support Courses from the Local Family Centre

Safeguarding - Domestic Abuse Support

Protective Behaviours


Two Online Parenting Courses Fully Funded By Herts County Council Family Services Commissioning Team


Course 1: A Protective Behaviours Approach To Emotional Safety and Wellbeing For Families Click here for details Course 2: The Secrets to Parenting Your Teenager  Click here for details



These online parenting courses have just been released for SpringTerm 2023 

Course 1: Protective Behaviours (Three dates available) Each Tues from 17th Jan at 7pm - 9pm for 6 weeks Or Each Thurs from 19th Jan at 9:30am - 11:30am for 6 weeks Or Each Tues from 21st Feb at 7pm - 9pm for 6 weeks Course 2: The Secrets to Parenting Your Teenager  (Two dates available) Each Mon from 16th Jan at 7pm - 9pm for 6 weeks Or Each Thurs from 23rd Feb at 7pm - 9pm for 6 weeks

Healthy Living


BeeZee Families Courses


What is BeeZee Families?

A free healthy lifestyle programme for families with children aged 5-15 years who are above the ideal weight for their age. Families will learn about healthy eating, fun physical activity, cooking sessions, top tips for healthy lifestyle, and how to make healthy habits for life! 


Please see attached document below for information of free programmes locally!


Autumn Term 2021

Parent/Carer Support




Please see the below links and guidance offering free support through webinars, courses etc for supporting children with additional needs this term.

Just Talk Week

15 – 21 November 2021


Over 35 partners in Hertfordshire work together to promote good mental health and wellbeing as part of the Just Talk campaign.  Listed below are the FREE webinars on offer from our Just Talk partners, taking place for Parents and Carers during Just Talk week.


Pre-recorded sessions


Herts Sports Partnership: The benefits of physical activity for your mind and body 
How to watch:


Live events

Monday 15 November 2021

Watford FC CSET - Talking to your child about mental health and wellbeing 

To give support and information on mental health and wellbeing, particularly focused around supporting young people through times of change and transition.                 

Audience: Parents/Carers                                                                   

Time: 5.30-6.30pm                                                                                         

How to join:


Tuesday 16th November 2021

Children's Wellbeing Practitioners from the Public Health School Nursing Service at Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust  -  Spotting the signs of mental health difficulties in children and young people

An overview of anxiety, low mood and behavioural difficulties and some tips and signposting information that parents and professionals can use to help. 

Audience: Parents, carers, school staff and other professionals                       

Time:  10am-12noon                                                                                               

How to join: 


Herts Mind Network - How to start a conversation with your child about mental health and wellbeing 

In this webinar we will discuss mental health stigma, how adolescence is perceived and how to navigate interpersonal interactions. 

Audience: Parents and Carers 

Time: 10am - 11am 

How to join:


NESSie - Supporting mental health for children and young people with neurodiversity

The aim of this informal forum is to strengthen approaches in supporting positive mental health and manage challenges positively. Exploring and introducing tools to identify triggers and increase emotional literacy. Sharing and exploring practical tools that can be used at home and in conjunction with educational settings.                                                                   

Audience: Parents and carers of children and young people with traits of or diagnosed neurodiversity, who have mental health problems.               

Time: 1-2.30pm                                                                                                   

How to Join: Just Talk Campaign - Supporting mental health for children and young people with neurodiversity - Parent / carer online forum - NESSie IN ED, CIC



The OLLIE Foundation - Keeping Safe and Carrying On 

Whether this is to remind yourself or to use with others, enjoy this virtual hug that considers how your amazing inbuilt survival system can also feel like stress and anxiety and hear suggestions for calming the system down.        

Audience: School staff, professionals, parents and carers                                                                                    

Time: 6pm - 7.30pm                                                                                                      

How to join:




Wednesday 17th November 2021

BeeZee Bodies - The benefits of healthy eating for Teenagers' Wellbeing

Key nutritional needs in teenage years and top tips for meeting them. Bust some common food and diet myths, plus an open Q&A session.                                                                        

Audience:  Young People - minimum age 13 (as well as parent/carer). School staff, other professionals, and parent/carers.                                  

Time: 5.00pm – 5.30pm                                                                                                    

How to join:

The OLLIE Foundation -The History of Suicide - Lessons for Today

Expert speaker - Cambridge PhD researcher Ella will guide us through the history of our response to suicide from antiquity to the present day and consider what lessons we can learn.                                                                       

Audience: School staff, other professionals and parents                                 

Time: 6-7.30pm                                                                                                    

How to join:



Thursday 18th November 2021

The OLLIE Foundation - Talk Safe, Plan Safe

Extend your knowledge and feel more confident to support others experiencing an emotional crisis where suicidal ideation may be present. Open to all and useful as a refresher if you have completed other suicide prevention training.              

Audience: Students age 17+, school staff and other professionals, parents and carers                                                                                                   

Time: 4-5.30pm                                                                                                        

How to join:




Friday 19th November 2021  

The OLLIE Foundation - Live session with author and researcher Beverley Thompson

What do we need to know about antidepressants and young people and how can we better manage side effects for those that would benefit from SSRIs (antidepressants)                                             

Audience: Parents & carers, health and education professionals and young people age 17+                                                                                                             

Time: 6.30-7.30pm                                                                                         

How to join: 



To find out more visit

Follow the campaign on Facebook: JustTalkHerts Instagram: @JustTalkHerts Twitter: @JustTalkHerts


NESSI Online Training

Free ADD-vance parent workshop 2021

Special Educational Needs and Support at Howe Dell

If your child has additional requirements there are many ways in which we can support your child. See more information below:


For resources for SEND children and families, please visit: Hertfordshire SEND resources

SEND Resources January 2021

SEND COVID Story January 2021

My Back To School Bubble Book

Social Story School Is Opening
SEN online help - resources

Howe Dell School statement on high quality provision and outcomes for children and young people with SEND

Howe Dell School's SEND information Report - School Offer

Howe Dell School Information Report- School Offer

Howe Dell School's SEND information Report - School Offer 2019





National Autism Standards


The school originally looked at these in 2015 and has continued to look at and evaluate standards, most recently in Autumn 2018. 


Our main area of focus was to coduct a sensory audit in school which was completed. The schools’ named lead person for Autism is Emma Daniels (Deputy Head/SENDCo) with support from Karen Garg (SEND Team).


For more information about this and for other queries you can either contact the school office to speak to the above staff members or look on the Autism Trust website

Working together with your child's school (An AET autism guide for parents and carers)

A parent group first met November 2015 to look at this document. We discussed what was important to both children and parents and produced an action plan from this with 3 actions. From this discussion it was felt that meetings for parents of children with Autism/Aspergers would be of benefit. There have been meetings since this time with attendance from various families.


Please see the school newsletter for the date of the next parent meeting.

March 2017- Update on National Autism Standards Action Plan

SEND parent group organised for parents and their children to go to a ‘Soft Play’.

A Sensory Audit was carried out in Spring 2016 and staff are aware that ‘busy’ classroom displays can be distracting for Autistic Spectrum pupils. In addition, although our corridors are not carpeted to lessen noise the building is designed to ensure quietness.

In February 2017 a Staff Audit was carried out to gather staff confidence levels, understanding and knowledge of the Autistic Spectrum. Staff training is planned (implemented by our local Outreach Service) for Autumn 2017. Staff training took place in Autumn 2017 by Southfield School which gave very practical advice.

Wednesday 20th September 2017

The SEND team met with parents to look at and review the School SEND Information Report (School Offer). We then looked at the ‘Working together with your child’s school’ document from the Autism Advisory Trust. We annotated what had been done previously and discussed ‘next steps’. Following on from the School Audit from the AET National Autism Standards we are to focus upon more opportunities for pupils with autism to meet others through our lunchtime club. We also discussed further ways to support children with a ‘Check In’ system to help them express their emotions.

School have the AET coming to update/train staff on 10th October.

The SEND team would like to thank those parents who came along to support us.

Wednesday 13th March 2019

Mrs Garg and Miss Daniels would like to thank the parents that came to our most recent ASD/ADHD parent group. It is good to have quality time to chat and for parents to meet other like minded parents. We look forward to seeing more parents at our next meeting, all welcome.