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PCL members of staff delivering free books to every child in school donated by their company.

I’ve just stumbled across your website & thought I’d say hello as I’m a pupil from the old Howe Dell School from 1975 – 1981.

My Headmistress was Miss Matthews. Other teachers were Mr & Mrs Crann, Mrs Morris, Miss Tester and Mrs Gately.  I have such fond memories of the old school, such a beautiful building! 


I was always a good pupil, but I have one blot on my copybook! 


When I was 5, I decided that I didn’t like school dinners so marched home.  That was in the days when you could just stroll out of a school, no gates!  I walked across the main road and back to my house in Batterdale! 


Luckily someone had seen me and called my mum so she was waiting for me outside!!  I had packed lunch from then on!


That’s me in the middle of the third row sitting on the steps.  Mrs Veal was the teacher.  Thanks to Facebook I’m still in touch with a few of my old classmates!


Best wishes to you all at the ‘new’ Howe Dell.


Xanthe Bearman (née Johnstone)

Thank you to our  friends at Tesco!

Staff from Tesco Florence and Fred have volunteered by helping to paint the school during the holidays. They have also kindly donated prizes for our Summer Fete. We hope to continue working in partnership with F&F on other projects in the future.

We loved our dressing up clothes too!

University of Hertfordshire


Over the past year we have worked with our neighbours, the University of Hertfordshire, to help them produce promotional materials for their BEd and PGCE courses.  Below you can see the fruits of that labour in the form of a booklet and an accompanying video - we hope (with the help of Howe Dell) that their courses become ever-more popular.

Anthony Abs Childrens Village Annual Report (Joe Homan Charity (India))

Enviro - High Pressure Cleaning

Play Therapist

Affinity Water - A friend of Howe Dell

French Wonder Day - Letter from Mill Hill County High School

North West London & Chilterns Advanced Motorists. Provides free workshops to introduce Advanced Driving.

Datumprint sponsored road safety banners for Howe Dell. We greatly appreciate this and would like to thank them for helping make our community safer.

Howe Dell is a recognised host school for trainee head teachers, mentored by head Debra Massey. We work alongside the National College for School Leadership in doing this.

We are grateful to Carbon Trust who have provided a £250,000 grant to enable Interseasonal Heat Transfer to be demonstrated at Howe Dell School.

We are very grateful to Hatfield Rotary Club’s interest in Howe Dell. I was invited to present our Eco Vision over supper on Wednesday 11 July 2007 and they have donated £500 to be spent on two Wetland Sculptures for our new pond!

'Developing Special Provision Locally' offers support to children, schools, families and the community. We thank them for their support in helping to fund our Nurture Room which will be open in September 2015.

Icax Limited are the designers of Interseasonal Heat Transfer, the innovative element in the new Howe Dell School which allows solar heat to be captured from the surface of the playground in summer, stored in the ground under the school and released into the building to keep us warm in winter. Howe Dell therefore enjoys a small carbon footprint

Hatfield's David Lloyd Club has opened its doors to Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 for swimming lessons, providing a fantastic facility for our pupils. Also, as the journey to the sports centre will not involve coach travel, it is an 'eco friendly' way of developing our Healthy Schools focus. The centre has also provided swim sessions for our Children's Centre, giving young children in our community a chance to have fun and encourage a healthy start. The staff have provided great support and even joined the children in the water! This also demonstrates the continued high quality provision provided for our Key Stage 2 children. Many thanks to all those at the David Lloyd Club.

Veolia have assisted us many times and worked with some of our children. Many thanks goes to them.

Many thanks to Bairstow Eves who continue to support us by advertising our various fetes and special events.

B Best Theatre Arts have supported Howe Dell children. We thank them for their support.

Inside Government

Mrs. Chalmers was nominated in 2014 for a Teaching Award