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An overview of our day at the Houses of Parliament. 

A collection of children from years 4, 5 and 6 were fortunate enough to visit the Houses of Parliament, have a tour of the Palaces, observe two live debates and take part in a parliamentary workshop creating their own law and debating on whether or not the bill should be passed. 


It was a wonderful day and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They were able to see two Live debates in the House of Commons and the House of Lords discussing the topical debate of leaving the European Union. It was wonderful to see the children replicate what they had seen in the House of Commons when they were carrying out their debating workshop. 

Visiting the Houses of Parliament January 2020

Autumn Debate 2019

We had a wonderful opportunity to discuss the Houses of Parliament and what we already know about our MPs and the role that they play within our lives. 
The children took part in several debating activities to celebrate Parliament Week and even made suggestions as to what they would like to debate next time round. 

David Allen, who is a lecturer from Hertfordshire University, has had several sessions here at Howe Dell teaching our A,G&T pupils who are skilled in Art and Science, how the two topics can combine together. He has spent time using the different natural resources that we have on site to inspire the children's art work through various different mediums. 

Art and Science workshops

Democracy in our local Environment

Our local Councillor Margaret Eames-Petersen visited Howe Dell to quiz us about democracy and how we can recognise it in our local area. It was lovely to see the children recall key information about political parties and it demonstrated their wide understanding of the world around them. 

A, G & T Art workshop- creating stories through books.

We were extremely fortunate to have a visit from Mrs Davies who is a head teacher at a school in Harpenden. Mrs Davies not only brought her enthusiasm with her, but she also brought he creativity and artistic imagination. The end results from the day are fantastic and I know the children thoroughly enjoyed developing news skills and applying this to their work. 
Well done to all.