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Summer Term Newsletter

Spring Live Learning- The Weird and Wonderful Octopus.

For our Live Learning session this week, we spent the afternoon looking at test techniques in a more fun and engaging way. Our parents were able to see the types of test questions that we complete during our reading tests, but they also got to see how we go about answering the questions by using evidence from the text. 

Thank you to everyone who came and joined us, we had a lovely afternoon learning alongside you. 

Science Week

6.1 have had an amazing Science Week, so brilliantly organised by Miss Bogard. We've done it all, from making our own blood models to throwing eggs from balconies! We were excellent teachers for the reception children in our peer learning sessions. We planned, resourced and delivered our own science lessons and found out exactly what it takes to be a teacher. Here are just a few of the pictures of the fun and learning. 

Year 2 Story Swap


Some of us ventured downstairs, while the rest of us had visitors upstairs. We swapped with children in Year 2 to read with each other. We had pairs, floor books in groups and even Romanian translations of fairy tales 

YCA Women in History Day


We would like to say a huge thank you to our YCA members who organised a brilliant wonder day with the theme of "women in history". The theme of the day was embraced by boys and girls alike in 6.1, with some fantastic costumes representing women that have shaped the world, and the men that supported them in doing so. 

Picture 1

E-safety Day


We reminded ourselves of what we need to make sure we are doing/ not doing online to stay safe, in recognistion of e-safety day. 

Christmas Celebrations

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Once all our Christmas presents were bought, wrapped and hidden, the Christmas celebrations continued with dinner (with all the trimmings) and party (complete with selfie booth and party games). 

Busy Week!



Another busy week in Year Six! We've been to visit the eco bus, received riot training from our PCSOs, had NSPCC workshops and (most excitingly) had our Christmas Shopping Day!

Reflecting light

Steve Skidmore Wonder Day


Steve Skidmore ensured our afternoon and evening were full of laughter. We were taught all about "the stickies" and the fact that no idea is a new idea - all good stories are always magpied in some way

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Picture 1
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Live Learning

Look at our fantastic outcomes from Live Learning. We made aliens that have evolved with useful features to help them survive on the planet they live on. Thank you to all our families who attended this messy session!

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Picture 2
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Picture 5

Reach for the Stars Week 

What a fantastic start to Year 6! We had an amazing Reach for the Stars week, which has left us feeling enthused for the year ahead, and beyond. Activities ranged from archery to climbing, party prep to fancy dress and, as always, meant we were inspired to produce some outstanding pieces of writing.


A big "thank you" from us to Victor's Dad and Lucy's Mum who both gave impressive and informative talks to our class about their jobs, and what they've achieved to be in the role they are in today.

Year 6 Parent's Meeting: September 2017

Welcome Meeting Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 Class 1.  Use this page to find our latest newsletters, information about upcoming trips and photographs of our learning.