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Busy Week!



Another busy week in Year Six! We've been to visit the eco bus, received riot training from our PCSOs, had NSPCC workshops and (most excitingly) had our Christmas Shopping Day!

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Live Learning

Look at our fantastic outcomes from Live Learning. We made aliens that have evolved with useful features to help them survive on the planet they live on. Thank you to all our families who attended this messy session!

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Reach for the Stars Week 

What a fantastic start to Year 6! We had an amazing Reach for the Stars week, which has left us feeling enthused for the year ahead, and beyond. Activities ranged from archery to climbing, party prep to fancy dress and, as always, meant we were inspired to produce some outstanding pieces of writing.


A big "thank you" from us to Victor's Dad and Lucy's Mum who both gave impressive and informative talks to our class about their jobs, and what they've achieved to be in the role they are in today.

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Year 6 Parent's Meeting: September 2017

Welcome Meeting Year 6

Autumn 2017 Newsletter

Spring 2018 Newsletter

Summer 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to Year 6 Class 1.  Use this page to find our latest newsletters, information about upcoming trips and photographs of our learning.

The Prom

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Live Learning Summer Term - Memory Books

Year 6 have attended Crucial Crew workshops this week at the University of Hertfordshire. They learnt valuable lessons on fire safety, e-safety, electrical safety, stranger danger and even how to relax in a mindfulness session.

Carnival Homework

Year 6 were set the challenge of creating their own carnival float for Home Learning. This tied in with our theme for Creativity Week. The results were amazing with many parents helping their children at home to produce very creative floats. Thank you to all the parents!

Creativity Week in Year 6

Last week was Creativity Week at Howe Dell. The theme was Africa and the Lion King. Year 6 created their own 'Just So' stories linked with African animals, took part in an African drumming workshop, taught younger children to draw African animals and created their own African Gumboot Dance! We had a very busy week and it was finished off with a sing-along to the Lion King film. We learnt a lot of new skills and had the chance to learn in a different way. 

Distraction Training

Year 6 received distraction training from Herts County Council this week. The workshop is designed to help pupils understand the importance of not using mobile phones or wearing headphones whilst crossing the road. Practical activities helped us all to understand the importance of this message. 

Outdoor Maths Revision!

GB Athlete Day

6.1 were lucky enough to meet Amy, who has competed for Great Britain in the Long Jump. They had a special assembly in the morning to meet three athletes and then a lesson with Amy. We learnt how to jump further and improve our balance.
Year 6 have been creating their own fitness programmes and then training each other. We have been working very hard to improve our fitness.

Science - Circulation

Year 6 have learning about the human circulatory system in Science. We created our own models of blood and the lungs.

Skipping Workshop

Class 6.1 enjoyed a skipping workshop this week. We all had a chance to practise different types of skipping. It was hard work and sometimes we wanted to give up when it was difficult but we kept going!

Science - Making rainbows with prisms

As part of our science topic on light, we created our own rainbows using torches. We managed to make some very clear rainbows and now understand how they are formed. 

Safer Internet Day 2018 - Live Learning

Safer Internet Day 2018 - Live Learning 1

Christmas Party 2017

Geometrocity - Building a city with Maths!

Year 6 have been using their knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes to create their own cities. They had to plan and design where their buildings would be built and decorate them. They worked very hard throughout the whole project - well done!

Christmas in Year 6

Year 6 have enjoyed a fabulous Christmas shopping day and a visit to the reindeer. Many thanks to the PSA who organised these lovely events for the school. The children really enjoyed their festive day.

Live Learning - Autumn Term

In Live Learning this term we focussed on writing. The children and adults wrote an eye-witness account together based on 'The Walrus and the Carpenter'. The children enjoyed having the adults help them with their writing. Thank you to all the parents that came in today.
Year 6 have enjoyed a maths theatre production, a Brain Buster workshop, peer learning in a Maths carousel and have used Mathletics as part of Maths Week. We have been very busy!

P.E. - Circuit Training

Year 6 have been working on their fitness this term. We have been performing different exercises in a circuit and timing how many times we can do them. 

Hatfield House - Music Festival