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Children's Council

It has been a busy term for the Children's Council so far; they have helped support coffee morning with the PSA, hosted their own coffee and cake event and held a cake sale after school. The children also created posters and informed their designated classes around the school about the events. They even received their Children's Council badges which they are now wearing with pride.


Look below to see some of the photographs and keep your eyes open for future events. 

Children's Council Badges

Children's Council Badges 1
Children's Council Badges 2
Children's Council Badges 3
Children's Council Badges 4
Children's Council Badges 5
Children's Council Badges 6

The Cake Sale

The Cake Sale 1
The Cake Sale 2
The Cake Sale 3
The Cake Sale 4
The Cake Sale 5
The Cake Sale 6
The Cake Sale 7
The Cake Sale 8
The Cake Sale 9
The Cake Sale 10
The Cake Sale 11
The Cake Sale 12
The Cake Sale 13
The Cake Sale 14
The Cake Sale 15
The Cake Sale 16
The Cake Sale 17
The Cake Sale 18
The Cake Sale 19
The Cake Sale 20
The Cake Sale 21
The Cake Sale 22
The Cake Sale 23
The Cake Sale 24

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Macmillan Coffee Morning 1
Macmillan Coffee Morning 2
Macmillan Coffee Morning 3
Macmillan Coffee Morning 4
Macmillan Coffee Morning 5
Macmillan Coffee Morning 6
Macmillan Coffee Morning 7
Macmillan Coffee Morning 8
Macmillan Coffee Morning 9

Pupil Forum led by our exiting Y6 share pupil views from KS1 to KS2. This has been shared in our final Sharing Assembly and will aid future development of our School.

Pupil Forum Summer 2017

Pupil Forum Summer 2017 1
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 2
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 3
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 4
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 5
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 6
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 7
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 8
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 9
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 10
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 11
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 12

The Children's Council lead their first Pupil Forum this term looking at resilience and how to overcome obstacles in learning. Well done to those children who led the sessions for their groups and also the supporting children who asked lots of questions to get the younger members of the groups voicing their opinions. 

Keep your eyes out for the results in the coming weeks...