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Pupil Forum led by our exiting Y6 share pupil views from KS1 to KS2. This has been shared in our final Sharing Assembly and will aid future development of our School.

Pupil Forum Summer 2017

Pupil Forum Summer 2017 1
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 2
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 3
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 4
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 5
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 6
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 7
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 8
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 9
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 10
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 11
Pupil Forum Summer 2017 12

Collecting donations for the Hatfield charity 'Willow Foundation'

Collecting donations for the Hatfield charity 'Willow Foundation' 1
Collecting donations for the Hatfield charity 'Willow Foundation' 2

The Children's Council lead their first Pupil Forum this term looking at resilience and how to overcome obstacles in learning. Well done to those children who led the sessions for their groups and also the supporting children who asked lots of questions to get the younger members of the groups voicing their opinions. 

Keep your eyes out for the results in the coming weeks...

Children's Council Badges

Children's Council Badges 1
Congratulations to the Children's Council who received their badges in assembly last week. Wonderful to see so many enthusiastic children wanting to help others.

A message from Mrs Woolfe (Class 5:2)


Thank you to the Year 6 team and class reps. It was lovely to hear the children question my class then give them appropriate answers linking to the theme of anti-bullying. 

The Year 6 Children's Council started off the anti-bullying week with some short scenarios on the stage. They were given a topic and then spent their playtime on Friday preparing for the first assembly of the week. It was wonderful to see how creative they were with the ideas and how they promoted good friendship and an anti-bullying message throughout. Well done children. 

A group of Children's Council members presented information about Cancer Research and Macmillan coffee morning during our whole school assembly

Several children came forward this week to make their pledge as to why their chosen charity should be supported later on in the year. The children had clearly done their homework and were very professional in the answers that they gave back to the children. 
Well done to all the children who spoke at the council meeting about their charity, you did so with enthusiam and a great understanding of how we could support them. 

We just need to wait for the results to be counted...

The first meeting of the year.

The first meeting of the year. 1
The first meeting of the year. 2
The first meeting of the year. 3
The first meeting of the year. 4
The first meeting of the year. 5

The new Children's Council held their first meeting on Friday to discuss their roles and responsibilities. There was some discussion about possible charities that they might choose to support this year, but ultimately the children asked questions and were informed of the different jobs that they will hold around the school. 


Mrs Massey was extremely impressed with the enthusiasm of the children and how keen they were to start implementing their voice and opinions around the school.