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Awards and Achievements

Investors in People

Howe Dell School and Children's Centre has received a Gold Award by Investors In People. Investors In People is all about business improvement. After a lot of hard work and numerous interviews with employees at Howe Dell we are overjoyed to have received this prestigious award. Well done to all involved and a big thank you to Nina Williams for her involvement.

Health and Safety 'Outstanding'

Health and Safety 'Outstanding' 1 We are proud to be Herts' purpose built Eco School
Health and Safety 'Outstanding' 2 Old site Old Rectory Drive
Health and Safety 'Outstanding' 3 Health and Safety within the curriculum
Howe Dell School has been classed as 'outstanding' following our Health & Safety Audit undertaken by Herts County Council.

Eco-Schools and Green Flag

Eco-Schools and Green Flag 1 Eco School from 2007
Eco-Schools and Green Flag 2 Ambassador Green Flag status since 2012
We are proud to announce that our school has been awarded the ECO Green Flag accreditation – the highest award granted by the national eco-schools programme!

Healthy Schools

This has been integral to developing our pupils' behaviour and raising attandance during the year. The Action Plan was devised from consultation of all stakeholders and reflects the exciting developments in the following areas:

  • Raising self esteem
  • P.E provision
  • Development of PSHCE across the school
  • Raising awareness of healthy eating

Hertfordshire Well-Being Programme

Well-Being recognises that Howe Dell is a creative and motivating place in which to teach, work and learn. The programme supports the whole staff in the school in creating a healthier workplace. It focuses on the development of healthy organisations not singled-out individuals. It is about improving the culture of the workplace and working practices, based on collective problem-solving.

2008 NCSL East of England Primary Headteacher

2008 NCSL East of England Primary Headteacher  1

East of England Primary Headteacher Award

Partnership with the University of Hertfordshire

Partnership with the University of Hertfordshire 1
Howe Dell School is pleased to provide placements for students and recruit from the University of Hertfordshire. Debra Massey has interviewed applicants for Hertfordshire University's B.Ed.(Hons) and PGCE courses for many years.